My name is Ashley Hunter, and I portray the Element Evoru here on Valindir. Pleased, tickled, delighted, and utterly enthused to be gaming with you fine folks.

I was part of the original staff back in our game’s first incarnation, and when the game started to evolve and I was given control of it, I brought on my friends Dani and Gino to be co-owners with me. I have never regretted it in any way that you can find physical evidence of. I dare you.

I am an eclectic pagan living in Memphis, Tennessee with my husband, Jeremy Hunter, and our six dogs and three cats (it’s like the Brady Bunch, but with two pet lovers getting together). Primarily we practice in our home, but occasionally we get together with other friends and celebrate sabbats or special times of the year.

My first experience with a MUD was on the game Cities of M’dhoria. I played a young battlemage prostitute named Biage Vorkain whose secret talents were dying to embarrassingly weak creatures (to this day, the sound of crickets still fills me with fear) and seducing heads of state. I went on to play Vahx Garun, General of Seria, and finally the adopted daughter of a god, Saengelis Sarran, before retiring from the game and going on to build briefly on the now-defunct Advent of the Mists.

I take a lot of my inspiration for Valindir from Neil Gaiman, the Kushiel Legacy, Tolkien, and various myths and legends I grew up as a child with. My goal with Valindir is to strive for an environment that is recognizable to players who love fantasy, but that also challenges them and introduces them to new takes on familiar themes. Above all, I want players to feel that they drive the story, and that myself and the rest of staff are here primarily to help them tell the stories they have hiding within them.


Posted July 7, 2011 by Evoru

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