Faelcor, Goddess of Power, Creator of the Centaurs

One of the youngest daughters of Metal, Faelcor often found herself as the target of her other brothers and sisters of the pantheon. She didn’t mind this, as she enjoyed the challenge and relished in the fact that she was rarely defeated. She prided herself in her ability to show off her skills both in battles of strength and wit, and reflected that in the children that she created: the Centaurs. When she looked upon her siblings creations, she felt that they lacked in something. Either they were frail of body and strong of mind, or the other way around and were little more than mindless beasts. After many failed attempts at perfection, she felt combining the power of the free horses with the creativity of the mortals would be the best, as they would be the fastest across the lands and still able to create and reason as well as any other child. After their birth, she left them alone to fend for themselves, but when she had returned, she was appalled to see that they had allowed the weak to flourish in their ranks. From that day on she spent her time among them and taught them to only allow the strongest of mind and body to live and destroy the weak so they could be replaced. When news of the battle between Yarowe and Aldfaen spread to her ears, she moved to prove her race as well, trampling over other races in the process and drew even more gods and goddesses into the fray.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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