The old tales say that flutterbies were created during the dawn of Valindir by Air; gathering in
large coveys to linger about ‘Ri as the Element traversed the lands. Whether this may be true or
not, they remain the totem animal for ‘Ri (hundreds make their home at the Basilica in Isavra)
and to cause them any harm is to bring on the terrible wrath of Air.

Although they belong to the varied and eclectic species of the Avian, they are quite unique unto
themselves. Close in size and general appearance to a common sparrow they are quite vivid in
hue and are found to be every color within the rainbow. Atop their heads they have two trailing,
feathered plumes that curve towards their backside and are somewhat similar in appearance to
antennae. When excited or agitated (or in the case of overly incorrigible individuals) they can
raise these “hackles” or “top-knots” upwards in display. The most prominent feature of this
species is a pair of three wings carefully layered atop each other when folded in or moving with
perfect tangent during flight. Their highly aerodynamic wing beat in synchronized fashion about
twenty-five times per second (causing them to appear in a blur of motion) that allows them quite
a bit of dexterity as they fly; making a whirring noise as they move about. They are able to hover
in midair or to float vertically up and down if something catches their attention as they inspect
the object of their fascination. They are also able to move at a leisurely pace or speed of quickly
and suddenly if needs be. They are able to cover long distances in a short amount of time and
seem to be able to move much faster than their small size would suggest.

They are also incredible mimics, especially for the spoken word. In the wild it was noticed that
they would repeat fragments of conversation and were able to even take on the speaking style
and inflections of an individual speaker. During the earliest days of Al’Drenra the Daphinae
began cultivating these birds to relay dispatches back and forth since they could flit across
enemy lines quickly and were faster than the average courier. Soon the other races were also
using Flutterbies in this manner and they were found to be quite effective and useful as envoys as
they were rarely, if ever, caught. The Elves also discovered they could be used as spies and they
were further exploited in this direction by the peoples of Valindir. Since the end of Al’Drenra
they continue to be tamed and bred to deliver communications between different parties.
However they tend to be flutterbudgits and the message must be concise, easy to remember and
not overly long. Spying can also be tricky and they tend to need a lot of instruction and training
either way. In any case they are very useful and can still deliver information fast than a courier
and once trained are impervious to most corruption.

They are incredibly social creatures who seek out the company of the peoples and especially
throng to large cities. They are easily tamed as well and are often seen as quasi-pets of those who
can afford to feed their veracious appetites (they often consume twelve times their size in seeds,
nuts and nectar in any given day) or being lavished upon by the wealthy as objects within their
households. Excitable and rather silly, Flutterbies thrive on attention and love they are given
and will grow quite dependent on certain individuals and become a bit vain if they are overly
pampered. If something happens to an owner they are known to mope about and mourn the loss
quite keenly, refusing any form of nourishment till their tiny hearts finally stop beating and they

Known to be great favorites of all the Sylvan races they are particularly adored by the
Pixie and the Sidhe. However they are found amongst all the races of Valindir to some extent or
other excluding the Drakiens who view them as a delicacy. Often Flutterbies who come across
Drakiens will immediately begin screeching “Danger! Danger! Danger!”, while flitting away
in complete panic. Living in large, societal and collective groups called “coveys” the largest of
these gatherings can be found in Danzibar and Enaryn.


Posted January 29, 2013 by Evoru

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