Built into the craggy sides of the cavernous mountains is the expansive capital of the Twalaki Tribe known as Galtenka. The curved stone which is strung with veins precious gems and metals glimmers as city sits on the edge of the sacred Syna Lake. Because of the limited space of the caves, the city grew upwards along the walls instead of outwards into the winding tunnels that surround the town. Wide roads that can support even large carriages have been wound throughout the underground metropolis and they are hailed as shining examples of the ingenuity and determination of the Lithorians.

To the Twalaki, Syna Lake is a sacred site that is naturally protected from the creatures that roam throughout the mountains. Originally, the city was established to guard such a precious place from thieves and pillagers, but now it has become the epicenter of the southern Lithorian tribe. Any trade with the rest of Valindir is facilitated through Galtenka; as it’s the only place open those outside the tribe.

The city is built in three layers, with the entrances and exits in and out of the city nestled on the very bottom. This was done so that if invaders ever dared enter, they would be outflanked by the upper tiers and could be easily overpowered, even if they outnumbered the Lithorians. The most prominent structure on the lower level is the grand temple erected in honor of the Elements. The cathedral’s spire stretches all the way to the ceiling, and can be seen no matter where someone is in Galtenka, so the citizens are always reminded to give thanks to their saviors. The second layer is dedicated to business, and is also where any guild houses would be located. It is the top level of the town that is reserved for living space, as it overlooks the entirety of Galtenka with a glorious view.

Fire is something never permitted within the city because of the lack of ventilation. The smoke gets trapped within the caves and the Lithorians must open secret shafts to allow it leak into the outside air. This has caused them to invent a renewable light source called a pimae stone that has become popular both in Galtenka and around the world. Pimae literally means “light” in the old tongue of the Lithorians and is a synthetic crystal that is interwoven with spells. The result is upon a vocal command, the stones glow indefinitely; only dimming their light by a separate incantation, or being destroyed completely. A massive chandelier of these twinkling stones hangs from the roof of the cave and sheds a soft glow across the entire city.

While no one leader governs the Twalaki Tribe, the church there holds an enormous sway over the people, as all tend to be deeply religious. Worship of the Elements is not required, but no one has ever spoken out against the church there as it is considered the highest law in the land. They often serve as judge and jury when resolving situations that arise within the tribe and hand down solutions for serious issues that arise. They serve as an unofficial law of the land, but have never been recorded as being dictatorial or unfair. Staying out of the day to day affairs of the people has always been their stance and only intervenes when asked to do so or when a situation spirals out of control.


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