When the war drums of Al’Drenra had ceased to beat and all the Peoples came together to sign an accord of peace, it is said that the goblins were not invited. The reasoning was that they had not participated in the wars, being so far removed from other civilizations deep within the bowels of the earth, but in truth many of the Peoples doubted that goblins could even be acknowledged as civilized in anything but jest. While it was true that the goblins’ metallurgy could rival that of the Dwarves, the goblins were known to be practitioners of cannibalism and, when the opportunity arose, to willingly and eagerly consume the flesh of the other Peoples. Because of this barbarism the goblins were denied status as a People, being relegated to simple beasts, and they have been hungry for vengeance and recognition ever since.

Goblins stand a three to four feet in height, much like a Dwarven man, but beneath their slick, mottled green skin is a skeleton so hardened as to present a challenge even to ravenous hyenas. It is unlikely that the hyena would ever get close to the bones, however, as goblin blood is notoriously poisonous and only other goblins stand a real chance of being exposed to it without any ill affects. This may be because goblins are naturally better equipped to withstand poisons of any sort, with their complex internal organs which are capable of breaking down most any organic matter for use as food. Goblin culture has embraced this resistance and made it an integral part of their culture, with goblins that better withstand toxins rising more quickly in their hierarchy, and those who succumb to them often finding themselves outcasts or exiles. These unfortunate pariahs are seldom encountered by outsiders, however, as they quickly find themselves hacked apart for use in goblin cook pots.

Created by the gods Obtaya and Ohesta in retaliation for the interruption of their nighttime affairs, the goblins have served as the stuff of nightmares and horror stories for centuries. Their popularity as the subjects of bedtime stories have, unfortunately, given some the false impression that they are stupid beasts incapable of seeing through the “clever” disguises of travelers dressing up like fanciful goblins at night to pass through their territory unmolested. Huntsmen and caravans have come across the bodies of such travelers from time to time, stripped of all their flesh and left impaled on pikes from anus to mouth.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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