Griekta, God of Wrath

As a flame consumes the twigs it burns upon, so did anger overwhelm Griekta, one of the sons of Fire. At first, Griekta was simply passionate, as his father had been, but when Aldfaen was born, Rhesk began to dote more on his youngest, and Griekta was pushed to the side. Without anyone else around, as his brash personality had pushed them all away, Griekta’s rage boiled inside him, as did his hatred for the other immortals. He looked upon them with disgust as they had all doted on their creations as his father had once doted on him. The God of Wrath responded by making the earth rumble and far off into the ocean, a mountain of earth rose up, and from it spewed liquid fire that made the seas hiss and scream. Griekta was pleased with what he had formed and found it far more fascinating than any frail, weak person that the other gods and goddesses had made. It is rumored that he planted the seeds of more of these cracks in the earth all about the realm, but where or even if it’s true is still unknown to this day.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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