Hadashae, Goddess of Life

The Goddess of Life was the first to be born into the world and was given the name of Hadashae by her father, the Element of Spirit. She was frightened at first, as the other Elements looked upon her form in awe and amazement, but she was soon soothed by their kind words and the birth of her twin, Nielalien. The two stayed close together and generally about Spirit until more of the pantheon was roaming the lands, and the two ventured down together. When she witnessed her sister accidentally kill a man and saw the other gods and goddesses cast her out, she became conflicted and retracted from the world. As Al’Drenra raged on, she looked upon the mortals with pity and the other immortals with disdain. While she had never been known to create a race of her own, rumors circulated that her and her twin crafted a disease that spread across the mortals that placed them in the realm of the dead and yet they still were alive. It is said they became even more intelligent with the guidance of the two, but that they feasted on the blood of their fellow mortals.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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