By all accounts a hideous blending of humanoid and bird, the harpy bears a body similar in appearance to a vulture and upon which rests a human-like head. Females are known for having sagging, feather-covered breasts, while the males may have enlarged genitals if the females (which are the more aggressive of the species) have not mauled them with their talons. Bearing a hooked nose instead of a beak and a mouth filled with tiny, sharp teeth, they have been called the “hags of the sky”, and exists exclusively upon a diet of carrion and their own kind.

Harpies do not speak, but instead, as suggested by their twisted, insane appearance, shriek and wail. These sounds, carried on the night air, have frightened many a band of travelers, causing them to run into all sorts of perils in the dark. This may even be the intent of the creatures, as they certainly benefit from their nightly terrors.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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