Acres of lush, tangled rainforest with a crystal clear lake at its heart makes up Hellios, which serves as the home to both the Daphinae and the Senai. Hailed as one of the last natural havens for disappearing animals and plants, both races have striven to preserve its natural beauty while still living in harmony with the world around them. While Hellios is still considered a massive island just off the southwestern coast of the mainland, it is actually connected to the mainland at different times throughout the year. During drier seasons, the ocean creeps away from the canal that segregates it from Balinor, and the otherwise deep ocean withers and floating sandbars that can be crossed without too much difficulty appear. However, as more and more tourists came to visit and the two races began tentatively trading with the outside world, a bridge was spanned between the two landmasses to provide a consistent connection, rather than relying on the fickle tides. The Daphinae have taken up residence high within the living trees, while the Senai dwell along the bottom of the freshwater lake.

Major Cities:


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