Known more for its poisonous qualities than its medicinal ones, this hardy plant is found throughout Valindir (much to the chagrin of healers) and is almost impossible to remove once it has taken root. This can prove particularly dangerous for animals which graze in areas the plants are found, as ingestion of this herb causes animals to miscarry or delivered deformed offspring, and their milk will carry the toxins as well (which can, in turn, sicken any People which drink it). Whole herds of beasts have been lost to the ravages of this pretty plant.


Possessed of lacy foliage that smells of parsnips when crushed and delicate, bunched white flowers which may resemble anise to the unsuspecting, hemlock is a pretty plant that the daring sometimes employ for use in flower arrangements.


Popular amongst nefarious types of folk, it is also administered as a merciful death to some prisoners (particularly the well-born) who are sentenced to die. Victims of this herb may experience dizziness in small doses, with larger doses leading to paralysis and the gradual shutting down of the lungs and heart. In rare instances People have survived such doses, though most would rather trust to an antidote than sheer luck.


Posted May 3, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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