Hienle, God of Survival, Creator of the Daphinae

As the great God of Survival, Hienle often found himself mingling among all the races of the realm and even with some of his brother and sister immortals. When he saw that they had crafted mortals in their form and they began populating the world, this son of Wood was fascinated by their resilience and often put them to the test to see how far they could be pushed before they would crumble. This often earned the ire of other gods and goddesses, who shooed him away to the wooded corner of the realm where he bore unto the world, the Daphinae, crafted from the existing Sylvan race. When Yarowe beheld what she considered a mutilation of her race, she became enraged, and cursed Hienle for dare corrupting her people. As time passed, the feud between the two grew, and was only exasperated when Yarowe made the Elves and specifically told Hienle he would never look upon them. When Al’Drenra broke out, The God of Survival had not forgotten this slight, and marched his creations upon the frail Elves and entangled his own creation in the battles.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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