A desolate wasteland that can barely support life sprawls over the Drakien territory of Huldova. The majority of this country is covered by the Paolodien Desert which has earned the area the nickname the Land of the Red Sands. While this is a naturally occurring pigment from the rich clay deposits in the fine soil, the superstitious believe it is from all the blood that has been shed there. It is the site where the Enlightened made their stand against the Dragons and were ruthlessly slaughtered for it. Since their cursing, the Drakiens have claimed the lands the Dragons were once given as their own, but the bloodshed hasn’t ended. Frequent wars between clans and tribes in the area have led any centralized government to collapse while the peoples have been scattered to small settlements along the rivers and mountains. Even in these areas the environment can be incredibly hostile with sweltering heat drawing out throughout the entire year and frequent sandstorms that tear through the realm. Drekav Lake is considered the hidden gem of the kingdom, but even that has been tainted by the squabbles over the limited resources it contains. This body of water that is nestled in the Khabren Mountains may be a more palatable climate, but the threat of death is just as present there as in the scorching desert.

Major Cities:


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