Imala, Goddess of Fate, Creator of the Lithorians

Born as a daughter of Magic, Imala was one of the youngest immortals, yet she seemed to stand on her own two feet and rarely needed guidance from anyone. From the moment of her consciousness, she knew deep in her soul that a storm was brewing between the other gods and goddesses and set to creating her people that could survive the doom that was to come. She looked at the beasts of the world and came upon the cat, which she felt possessed strength of body and mind, as well as a grace and beauty that was unrivaled in the world. It was from these regal creatures that she formed the Lithorian people and placed them far away from the other mortals. Because of her fear that her premonitions would soon come true, she would move with her children throughout the deserts, mountains and woods about her corner of the world, purposely avoiding all others. She was content to live this way until Shasienta interfered and pulled her race into Al’Drenra. Shasienta tired of Imala not telling him what he wanted to know, so he went to Faelcor and convinced her that the cats scurrying about the lands were secretly Imala’s Lithorians that she had sent to spy on her people, transformed as ordinary creatures. Enraged by this, Faelcor hunted and killed every cat and kitten she could find and piled them in Imala’s path, which drew her into the battle that she knew would destroy the realm.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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