Nestled at the northern edge of the Midrena Sea is the island nation of Isavra. It is a unique country because no one race or culture owns a claim upon its lands. Serving as the religious epicenter for the entire world, Isavra has established itself as the ultimate law of the land back during the times of the Assembly. Since then, Isavra has maintained its neutrality and has flourished as training ground for priests as well as being a place of worship and pilgrimage for people all over Valindir.

The country is rich with history, as it is the site that the Assembly took place thousands of years ago and helped to piece the world apart into the current countries. After Al’Drenra, battles still raged on over territory lines and rightful claims to lands. The battles were bitter and ruthless; some argue even more than Al’Drenra had been because the souls people now possessed made them more reckless in battle. With tensions mounting and the risk of all the cities that still stood being destroyed it was decided that a meeting of all the world’s leaders and representatives would be held. As word of this stretched across the lands, Isavra was the chosen location, as no mortal had ever laid claim to the unassuming island. It was there, through weeks of debate and planning, that the territories were formed and treaties were signed. All the leaders also agreed to call the place Isavra, meaning “place of peace” and founded it as a neutral country to be run those who served the Elements.

Over the years the once humble settlement turned into a grandiose city of paved streets and ornate cathedrals to the Elements. The city is also called Isavra, as they strive for unity in everything they do. While the churches may be of separate minds at times, they never allow their petty differences to affect the city, and so it has become an island of sanctuary. Peoples from all around the realm are encouraged to make a pilgrimage there at least once in their life. It has become a custom to be blessed by priest or priestess there before embarking into the world, and so an expansive academy was built to equip those with the skills they would need to start their journey into the harsh places of Valindir.

A long, winding road connects Regim Academy to the main city and helps those who wish to train and hone their skills to practice in safety. It was named after Regim Hokul who was the Alubran man who established the academy to help shelter those who were being trampled by those who were richer or stronger. He is credited with not only establishing the idea of the safe haven, but actually funding and building it in its infancy. The main archway that leads into courtyard was built by him and to this day it stands as a testament to his vision. When he passed away, his body was buried on the grounds at a small grave so he could always stay with the students throughout all of time.

Covering the rest of the island is a lush, tropical paradise and the Isavrans strive to keep it that way. Even within their city is evidence of the dense rainforest that envelops the walls and they have incorporated gardens and vines throughout the entire area. Rare herbs and fruits dot the otherwise wild landscape and have drawn the curious to sample these exotic culinary treats. It has also become a vacation spot in recent years, both because of the peaceful culture that soothes the soul and the gorgeous, crystal clear beaches that lie along the southern coast. A few small communities have popped up to take care of the needs of the tourists and have brought new revenue into Isavra that they use to take care of others.


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