Jade House

Those courtesans that call the Jade House their home have dedicated their lives to healing their clients, and not just their bodies. They dedicate their training to helping people relax, as the world can be a stressful, brutal place. Within their walls, it is rumored that they have all types of techniques to help their clients unwind, such as soothing massages, fragrant incenses and of course, the gorgeous men and women that work there. The guild house is not the only place that these beauties work, as they often are invited to the homes of their clients to help with the overall well-being of their lives. They have often been consulted when organizing how a house looks, where everything is placed and which way it faces. It is said that they are so connected to the realm and its people, that they know how a home should be to make sure that their clients can always find a safe respite from the world outside.

The Jade House is located in two places about Valindir; one along the border of Hellios that is run by Head Mistress Neclysa Florendra and the other is in Bröndólfr that is run by the Head Mistress Freganya Koteptkan.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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