Jaryda, God of Love

The eldest son of Earth, Jaryda was born alongside one of Water’s children, Amoti. While the parent Elements had always intended their creations to work in harmony, the two often found the other distasteful and often stayed away from one another. Jaryda found Amoti far too promiscuous and never wanted to commit to one thing for more than a short period of time, so the God of Love went off on his own and created the Aintu race that would hopefully see the world as he did. They were a race of short, humble people that wanted nothing more than to help their fellow man and live a life of peace. Jaryda was pleased with the way his people lived and left them to their ways as he tried to spread his love across the world. When Al’Drenra broke out, Jaryda hurried to find his people, but what he beheld broke his heart and soul. His loving Aintu had been devoured, literally, by the other races. In his rage, Jaryda cursed the ground where they had been slain and went about slaughtering any mortal he came upon, gobbling up their frail bodies when they were still alive.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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