Keeping Yourself Safe

We here at Valindir strive to create a safe environment for our players to interact with one another, but at the same time, we think we are all aware there are less than savory people combing the internet which may find their way to the game. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping yourself safe while on our game, or anywhere in general:

1. If you are going to hand out messaging client screen names (such as AIM, MSN, etc…) make sure it’s nothing that can really identify who you are or where you’re from. Names like Miami_Dani or JohnSmith (if that was your name) are not advisable. In fact, you might want to consider making an account that is your character’s name as most clients allow you to create as many screen names as you like and even log on multiple names at a time. Also, it’s worth noting that some people track your time online by your messaging screen names and try and pinpoint which character you are playing by matching up when that character and your screen name are logged on. Honestly, the best policy is just give your screen name to people you have known for a while and trust, or simply not at all.

2. Do not give out personal information like phone numbers or addresses to people you don’t know EXTREMELY well. Members of the Staff can tell you that players have made that mistake and someone “slips” your phone number to a friend or two. Soon you’ll be getting calls at three in the morning, or unwanted visits at your door from people you’ve barely spoken to or don’t even know at all. While some people are trustworthy, others are simply not. They may not mean you any direct harm, they may just like being annoying and a pain in the ass.

3. If you ever feel harassed by another player, feel threatened in ANY way by someone else, or something just seems fishy about someone, inform the Staff immediately. While we are always trying to watch for harassment, it’s impossible to watch every part of the game at the same time and we need you, the players, to come to us with problems. Make sure you save a log of the incident, even if it’s just copied and then pasted into a separate document. It’s important you don’t EVER doctor the log in any way. What you may consider “cleaning up spam” may look shady to us, so please just give us an unedited log. Note that this even includes something over a messaging client like AIM or MSN.

4. Be careful about any pictures you post. While we love to see your bright, smiling faces (or even the gloomy, brooding ones) make sure that something in the background won’t give away where you live. Are you standing in front of your house? Is there a restaurant in the background that’s only in your town? A simple search on the internet could reveal where you live, so always be careful what pictures you post. It should go without saying, but never pass around compromising photos of yourself to ANYONE. They always have a bad tendency of “accidentally” getting passed around to other people, so don’t send someone something you wouldn’t want the rest of the game to see. Please be advised that if Staff learns that photos are being shared in this manner which may cause distress to the players, the ones responsible and participating in the exchange could be banned.

5. While players love meeting face to face, it’s always a good idea to follow some rules with that sort of thing. Never meet up with someone you just met online. While they may seem really amazing and could never be some creepy stalker, there’s always that chance that they are and that should be taken VERY seriously. It’s true, a lot of players are just normal people, but never risk something like your safety on a probably. If you are going to meet up with someone you’ve known for a while, go in a group, preferably a larger group. The same goes for both parties. Not only is this a safer bet for keeping yourself out of danger, but now you have the opportunity to meet even more new friends. ALWAYS meet in a public, crowded place. A park may be a public place, but if its three miles off the road and no one is around, it doesn’t really help you at all if something were to be amiss. A mall, a convention, a store or a restaurant ensures there is someone around if something were to go astray.


Posted March 12, 2012 by Evoru

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