Kelpies are horse-like fey creatures which dwell in swamps and rivers throughout Valindir and prey upon those foolish enough to try to ride them. Kelpies lure their prey to them by walking along the shore or at the edge of a swamp, appearing as a docile green horse eager to be ridden. Once the person climbs onto their back, however, the kelpie plunges into the water and holds them under, attempting to drown them. Kelpie prefer meat that is waterlogged and beginning to fall apart, similar to crocodiles, and some have observed the two species squabbling over carcasses. Some of the higher ranked Unseelie, the fey who swear fealty to the Winter King, may make mounts out of kelpies, as do some with particularly dark souls. There are certain magical bridles in existence which, if placed upon a kelpie, tames it completely. Those who have accomplished this feat claim that when subdued the kelpies have revealed the ability to take the form of a green-skinned humanoid man or woman, as one did in the story the Kelpie’s Bride. Captive kelpies, like their brethren, are often masters of hydromancy, and so can make very powerful servants.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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