The towering Sinwashi Mountains and rolling Akinat Desert make up the expansive country of the Kithra people known as Keperu’Rai. Literally translating into “a world in the light” it was given that title due to the little rain they receive and the long hours that the sun seems to shine. The country itself lies along the northwestern edge of Valindir and has served as a bit of a trading hub for the north; facilitating exchanges with a lot of other cultures that are normally closed to the outside world.

Along the northern section of the country is the vast desert that is known as a harsh, unforgiving environment. Frequent sandstorms and the sheer size of rolling sands have claimed many lives throughout the years, but to the Kithras, it’s their home. Despite the perils, the Malawi Tribe has flourished there, building several smaller outposts throughout the area as well as a bustling city called Kintaba that serves as the capital for the northern tribe. Dotting the otherwise barren landscape are a few hidden oases that are said to grow some of the rarest, most succulent fruits and spices known to Valindir. It is that which drives thieves from other countries to brave the scorching sands in search of these treasures, but most only find their untimely death. Only a select few of the Kithra know the routes to find these secluded groves and the riches they hold.

The Sinwashi Mountains cover the southern portion of the country and are more perilous than the blistering desert. Roaming throughout the caverns and tunnels that are carved through the rock are creatures from the spiritual plane that slip through in a fissure in the worlds. These shadowy beings and vicious monsters could be let loose upon the world if not for the Twalaki Tribe that dwells there. Outposts and winding passages snake through the dank corridors, but their crowning city is their capital of Galtenka. Sitting on the edge of Syna Lake, this towering city is built into the stone itself and serves as the anchor to the outside world. Beyond the underground civilization, the mountains themselves are rarely inhabited the narrow paths that do lie there were made by the animals that dwell along the craggy peaks.

Major Cities:


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