Kitolyi, Goddess of Peace and Serenity, Creator of the Sidhe

A pacifist at heart, Kitolyi was always smiling with her soft warmth, even in the face of great adversity. Water shaped her form and from then on, the Goddess of Peace and Serenity set about her meditations. The Elements often wondered what she dreamt about in her trances, but left her to her own devices, as she always seemed quite pleased. When she awoke to find her parents had gone, she remained calm and simply set about the world and marveled at what was taking place. For thousands of years she was content to observe, but it was the pixies that eventually caught her eye. She admired such a content, playful people, but feared for their safety with their small size, so she formed the Sidhe from the Sylvan. These were to be her ambassadors to the world when she entered her meditations, and were to watch over the pixies and protect them from harm. When Kitolyi beheld Al’Drenra and the destruction it was causing, she simply slipped herself back into a trance and let the war pass without getting involved. It is said she never again awakened, as the Elements returned and placed her in her permanent slumber.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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