Average Lifespan: 200 years
Average Height: 5’ – 6’8”
Average Weight: 100 – 300 pounds
Pregnancy Duration: 7 months (only 1 month is spent in the womb)

Solidified in their commitment to their community and way of life, to outsiders the Kren are a rigid society of drones. Any Kren can tell you this a gross misunderstanding of how they live, and that they are a rich culture full of happy citizens. They believe that the community is what makes a people truly strong, and not the accomplishments of only one or two individuals. For this reason, the Kren tend to be fiercely intelligent and well studied in their area of expertise so they can give back to the society and make it stronger. They are a people opposed to decadence, as too much indulgence breeds greed and coveting among its people. That is not to say they do not have fun, as there are several Kren who can tell you there is pleasure to be had in all things, even work.

Physical Characteristics

The Kren are a people that vary wildly in appearance, despite being all of one race that can easily breed with those who look completely different. Their creator based their appearance off insects, and allowed for variety while still being all of the same people. Some favor a harsher look like beetles, mantises or hornets, while others take on a daintier appearance more akin to ladybugs and bees. They do share a lot of similar features, despite their various differences. Each Kren has eyes like any other mortal, but their iris color tends to be vibrant with speckles and starbursts that at times, can look like a rainbow. They have a nose that rests in the center of their face, and a mouth that looks surprisingly humanoid, with lips and a tongue to properly speak and articulate. They don’t have ears, and instead only have tiny canals that allow them to hear around them. Poking out from the hair that grows atop their head are a set of antennae that range in length and shape. Some are simple, with slight bends in them or colorful balls at the end, while others are covered in what look like soft feathers. They can control the movement of these antennae, and often use them almost as an extra sense, as they are said to feel vibrations in the air, although this is just speculation.

Their skin can be rough or smooth and can range in color, from dark blacks and browns, to pale greens and blues. Some are even said to have what look like petite plates of exoskeleton in places, much like the exterior of an insect. Protruding from their backs are a set of wings that allows them to fly and some can be bright and colorful like a butterfly, or iridescent and clear like those of a fly. Their bodies can range in shape and silhouette, as some are slender and spindly while others have a broader or shorter stature. Their legs are able to bear this weight, and have joints and feet, despite claims that they had none and walked as if they were on stilts. Their hands also have fingers complete with thumbs so they can easily pick things up and work well with their hands.


Formed by Medolka, the God of Unity, the Kren were children after his own heart. They formed a society that has remained remarkably the same, even to this day. Their government was based on that of a hive; that all the citizens would work together towards one common goal and each job was crucial to make things run smoothly. The notions of greed and amassing wealth were abhorrent, and so the Kren grew as a community; dedicated to helping each other thrive through understanding and compromise. Medolka oversaw this progress, and watched with pride as his people began building communal huts and marketplaces long before any city emerged. When the first large towns began to emerge, they scoffed at the idea of anyone truly owning the land, and simply brushed it off as the other gods trying to breed disharmony. As more and more began to break ground, the Kren and their creator decided they could better function as a community if they were able to live close together, and so the plans for Dremark were carefully laid out before any brick or mortar were joined.

Al’Drenra proved to be a difficult time for the Kren, even though they were able to stay out of the battles until the last hundred years of the war. Most races had forgotten about the Kren on their secluded island, and didn’t view them as having anything worth pillaging or even as any real threat. It was Medolka that accidentally pulled them into the wars by killing emissaries from the Dwarves, Orcs and Centaurs who came bearing proposals to join their forces. Soon the word reached the rest of the Valindir and the other immortals took as an insult that Medolka thought of his creations as too good to dirty their hands in Valindir’s affairs. The Kren suffered at the hands of this misconception, which ultimately forced them to abandon the only home they had ever known and flee to lands unknown. They became separated and scattered across the world, and their island was left in the hands of invaders for years. When the wars finally ended, the remaining Kren returned to a world that was foreign to them. Their city had been damaged and their island ransacked of resources. The elders that remembered how it had been in the old days before they were forced to flee wanted to restore it to its former glory, and guided the people how to do just that. It was then that they set up the government they use today, and through decades of hard work and setbacks, they were able to revive their thriving community and way of life.

One of the largest setbacks for the Kren was a brief civil war between different political factions that resulted in over 800 citizens being stripped of their rights to live on Vysok. In 4680 a group of Kren felt the government had become too self-serving and was stripping people of their right to be individuals. They rallied the people and gained support, but the debates spun wildly out of control, resulting in rioting in the streets and even an attempt to burn down all the government buildings. Finally, when innocent civilians were being pulled into the fray, the government acted, expelling the leaders of the rebellion and any supporters they could identify. It is a dark page in the Kren’s history, and something not often spoken of in polite company in fear they too will be labeled a traitor to the country and dismissed from its lands.

Culture and Religion

The Kren are a people deeply tied to their community and its success. The measure of an individual is not judged by wealth or personal property, but by ability and what one gives back to those around them. Nobility and the elite are something abhorrent to Kren, as they view all people as equal in status and standing, only with different tasks and talents that make them different from one another. While their shops still offer products in exchange for coin, most people trade amongst themselves; bartering clothes for food, or art for raw goods. Everything has value to them, even if it’s not monetary, especially the arts, much to outsiders surprise. It is something they take great pride in, whether it’s a gorgeous painting, a touching poem, or a sweet melody. They find great pleasure in creating and enjoying such works, and often showcase them so that anyone may admire them.

Marriage, as most of the world understands it, is a foreign concept to the Kren. They are a people that embrace love, but do not understand why people would choose to limit it with strange ideas about monogamy or ownership of people. Often times Kren will mate with whomever they please, and however many they please. If someone is in love, it is a celebrated union, but if they no longer care for that person, there is no shame finding someone that fits your needs better. Parentage is only followed through the mother’s side, as often times the father could be a variety of men. Their pregnancy is something very interesting, as the mother only carries the child in her womb for one month before she lays a long, skinny egg that contains her baby. As the months progress, the egg eventually transforms into something similar to a cocoon, but with a much harder shell. After seven months from conception, the baby will break free from its shell and emerge as an infant into the world, cared for carefully by both its mother and the entire community.

Kren who live away from Vysok are looked upon as unwelcome outsiders, as they have abandoned the ways of their people and chosen to live as individuals. Most are assumed to be greedy, decadent people who do not care for their homeland or community. Occasionally some of the Kren will journey out into the world with the blessing of the community, if only to report back to their families about what current events taking place in the other countries. However, for the most part, Kren prefer to stay in Dremark and its surrounding area rather than journey about in a world full of corruption and deceit.

As far as religion is concerned, the Kren are fairly accepting of any belief as long as it does not upset the order they have worked so long to establish. Most are followers of the Elements and honor them in the temples they have erected in their honor. A few that still honor their fallen creators have set up monuments to the gods and worship their slumbering masters, but generally do so out of the public eye. While they are not outlawed, they can be seen as meddlesome, and keep to themselves, at least with their beliefs. The Path of the Enlightened has found a following within Dremark, and the Kren were one of the first People to erect a temple for them to preach their wisdom and understanding to others. No Kren would openly doubt the power of the Elements, but there are quite a few who believe that they can eventually hope to attain such wisdom through the power of the communal knowledge.


The Kren control the island of Vysok and have dwelt there since their birth. No one contested their claim on the land, as it tends to be a wild and untamed place; crawling with vicious beasts and poisonous snakes. While others might be disheartened at living in such a place, the Kren embrace it, as most of them dwell inside the safety of the walls of their capital city, Dremark.

Relations with Other Races

The Kren strive to stay out of the affairs of the other Peoples, as they feel that outside influence on their society would only breed confusion and disagreement. They have formed opinions of the other people that inhabit the rest of the world, but prefer to remain neutral in the events that unfold outside their community.

Alubra – The Alubrans have proven to quite the annoyance, as they seem to constantly be trying to invite their people to Lomaisa to experience their version of community. While they may mean well, the Kren see them as a danger to their way of living, even if it’s by accident, and so they tend to steer clear of them, if only to a avoid a headache.

Centaurs – Pitied because of their harsh caste system, the Centaurs are a people of low intelligence that often get taken advantage of. Still, it is none of the Kren’s concern if they wish to keep themselves bound to positions that don’t suit them and be at the beck and call of others. They are a people best left alone, as they are prone to violent outbursts.

Danava – The Kren do not appreciate the constant invitations to join the Eiltia Empire, and are often aggravated by their meddling into Kren affairs. The Danava have been seen in the waters around the island and even venturing up onto land, which makes the Kren uneasy on what they may be planning.

Daphinae – Welcome on their island, the Kren have discovered the Daphinae have a unique talent for helping the plant life flourish. After Al’Drenra, they were invited to help repair the rainforest that covers most of their island, and the Daphinae were happy to oblige anyone wishing to give back to the earth. The Kren are indebted to a people that helped their civilization in a time of crisis, even if they are a bit untamed and wild.

Drakien – Physically impressive people, the Drakien are not perceived as the threat to the world as the other races might see them. Because they are so splintered and broken into tribes, they can never achieve true greatness through unity, and are therefore viewed as people that have not reached their potential. Still, they have been amicable neighbors, and so the Kren view them somewhat as friends, since the two seem to be content to leave one another alone.

Dwarves – Despite the history between the two people during Al’Drenra, the Dwarves and Kren share a lucrative friendship and trading relationship. They attribute the bad blood to their creators, who pushed them into the wars, and see each other as pawns for their petty games. It was the Dwarves who supplied them with stone for their towering city, and to this day, the Kren can be found helping them in their mines, as they seem to have a sixth sense for detecting gems and metals.

Elves – Foul beings who propitiate the false ideals of nobility and the elite, the Kren are at constant political odds with the Elves. They find them to be repressive, hateful people that care nothing about the downtrodden who are forced to slave away so they can live their lives of decadence and excess.

Gryphons – The Kren wish to emancipate the Gryphon from their bonds of servitude, but would not risk open war to do so. They see them toiling away for the sake of the Elves and feel a swell of pity for their situation in life. It is considered a privilege to befriend one of these proud, honest people who sacrifice so much in the name of loyalty.

Humans – Suspicion and mistrust is all the Kren have to offer the Humans, as they see them as thieves and charlatans. Kren who have visited Danzibar have reported their fruits and goods are for sale there, despite the Kren refusing to trade with them. They believe the Humans or perhaps their allies the Danava have been stealing from their jungles.

Kithras – Avoiding a Kithra is the best course of action for this corrupt race of liars and tricksters. It was the Kren who first sided with the Dwarves at the Assembly against them, as no race that lives they way they do could even be trustworthy. They have no sense of community it is felt, but live selfishly and only for themselves.

Melrog – The Kren are not sure what to make of a people that come from mingling of magic and science. They tend to be solitary people, but ones of simple means and aren’t terribly greedy or self-serving. Befriending one often takes time, but thus far they have a positive view of this fledgling people.

Minotaur – Respecting their peaceful ways and their ties to their community, even if they are scattered about, the Kren have found the Minotaur to be good companions and friends. Even so, they have encountered a bit of resistance on the part of the Minotaur, so they are content to leave them to their own ways and ideals.

Mithyrn – Perhaps too fearful of the outside world, the Kren can at least understand why the Mithyrn chose to remain hidden away for so long. They appreciate a people that wish to stay out of the simple spats between other races that don’t concern them and their ties to their community. For the most part, the two races simply don’t interact as neither tends to leave their homeland.

Orcs – Solidified and united, the Orcs would be a race to be admired if they didn’t insist on causing war and strife throughout the world. It is their need to conquer that sours the Kren’s view of their government, but Orcs themselves are pleasant people that understand the need for community.

Senai – The Kren appreciate how close knit the Senai are to one another, but find that their ideas get muddled when so many voices demand to be heard. They cannot understand why they cannot all agree on what is best for the community as one voice, but still, they are a good, peaceful people who are worth befriending.

Sidhe – While most of Valindir sees the Sidhe as helpful and even good omens, the Kren are not among them. They believe that the Sidhe are beguilers and tricksters that are weaving their way through civilization, spreading their individualistic ideals with a veil of civility and kindness. They are not a people to be trusted, as the Kren swear they have witnessed rage and hatred from them, the likes of which has never been seen in any other race.

Talmori – Often getting into intellectual debates with the Talmori, the Kren still see them as a peaceable people that are just trapped by archaic ideas. They cannot fathom why they would scatter their people so much and not even have one large city for them to convene together. Still, they enjoy political discussions with them, as they are sharp of wit, just like the Kren.


Long ago, the Kren formed their own language on their own and taught it to their children, and to this day, their people still speak it fluently. It’s called Krig and tends to be a series of short, clipped sounds that’s said to be one of the most efficient ways of speaking. Their words only tend to be one or two syllables but their vocabulary is expansive so that it takes fewer sounds to convey complex ideas. They speak common, begrudgingly, so that they can communicate with the outside world, but prefer to talk in Krig whenever possible.


Kren names, like their language, tend to be spoken in short, clipped syllables. While they do have surnames they get from their mother, most don’t use them, as a person’s family line is not nearly as important as what they can contribute to the community.

Male Names: Pegni, Gogikt, Roctiv

Female Names: Froka, Ligho, Bikema

Player Difficulty Level

Difficult. The Kren are quite different looking from the rest of the world and some people have a bit of difficulty with this. The complicated part of this race is their deep ties to their community and resistance to leave Dremark. While no one is forced to conform to their ideals, a Kren that rejects the tenets of their race would find themselves ostracized from their kin.

Notes about Role Playing this Race

The Kren do not have thoraxes that stick off their butt, or stingers that that poke people with. Their body type is bipedal, and has a humanoid shape to it (shoulders, torso, waist, legs etc…). They also do not have mandibles or jaws like a bug, although their mouths are not as freely flexible as others, and so they tend to have a bit more difficulty with other languages. Their eyes also do not contain hundreds of tiny pupils like a fly or mantis, but instead one pupil surrounded by an iris.

The Kren society does not place personal wealth in high esteem, so amassing money and things when others are in need is considered greedy and abhorrent. They are a people that don’t believe in castes or classes and that people should do what they wish, as long as they are good at it.


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