Rolling, dry plains and an arid, sweltering desert make up the vast country of Lhucrete that lies along the northern region of Valindir. To the Orcs, this is home, and no one can convince them that this land is not paradise. While other races felt that this was one of the least desirable sections of the world with no known natural resources or even land suitable for farming, the Orcs claimed it as their own. Built upon the expansive, flat plains is the towering metropolis of Agra that took thousands of hours of back-breaking labor to complete. Shocking the rest of the world, the Orcs transformed a barren wasteland into a capital of military might and even trade. The land itself was stripped of its resources long ago, but the secrets of the Orcish fighting techniques have proven a valuable commodity and drawn people from all over the world to scorching region.

In more recent years, the Centaurs have taken up residence in small colonies dotted all over the southern landscape. The narrow river that provides a small reprieve from the otherwise dry conditions have given the soil just enough moisture to farm small sections of Lhucrete. The Centaurs have made the most of it and developed new hybrids of plants that can thrive in the difficult environment. They have even been sought out as a new delicacy among people about the realm, and have given the Centaurs a way to produce income in hopes to one day buy the land from the Orcs and become their own sentient nation. For now, they are still under the rule of the Orc nation, who frequently monitor the Centaur’s movements and insist that they never build any larger cities or colonies on their lands.

Major Cities:


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