Like the term “rose”, “lily” is a name which may be applied to any of several types of flowering plants found in various climes across Valindir. Though all lilies are related and can be mixed to form different varieties, each type of lily has its own, unique properties and associated lore.


Fire lilies are natives of rocky, volcanic soil and are possessed of vibrant, red and orange blossoms. When boiled, the flowers release a deep orange color which has been employed in the use of dyes.


Snow lilies are not, as the name suggests, found in snow. Rather, they are found on mountains and, because of their pristine white petals, may greatly resemble snow. Though the petals are pretty, it is truly the nectar which is valuable, and which may be found pooled in the bulbous base of the flowers petals. Sweet and highly sought after for making syrups, snow lilies are prized by many of the Peoples.


Eppu lilies have broad, green blossoms only slightly paler than their foliage, sprinkled all over with dots of yellow. These dots are the result of a parasitic wasp which lays its eggs in the eppu buds. While the eggs will eventually hatch when the flower withers, most try to gather the blossoms before this happens, as eppus are one of the primary ingredients in most healing draughts.


Posted May 3, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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