Logging Your Game

If you haven’t discovered it already, it should be said now that not every Player is going to agree with you on how exactly events unfolded, and sometimes you’re going to need some proof to cover yourself if you’re suspected of breaking the rules.

A good way to protect yourself, whether you’re playing Valindir to talking to someone on a messenger, is to log and save what’s happening. Even if you only start logging JUST as things start to get a bit hairy, having something that can show others what was said and done can be invaluable.

In order for the log to have maximum effect, please do not edit it in any way, even if it has some embarrassing things on it. Staff members will never share your private information or use it in an inappropriate manner. To verify that the log is authentic it is important that it be not be tampered with, even to remove spelling errors, blank lines, or useless bits of information. Staff would rather sift through a forty-five page document of mostly fluff to get to the important stuff than have your account of things called into question.


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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