Nestled in the skies above Soluma is the grandiose city of Lomaisa that is home to the Alubra. After the terrors of Al’Drenra that nearly pushed the Alubrans into extinction the Elements took pity on the dwindling race and granted their request to enchant the clouds above their lands. It was here that the fledging race established their city, and within a short time the once billowy, barren landscape had transformed into a sprawling, bustling metropolis. To this day, the city the stands as a testament to the resolve of mortals and what can be accomplished through determination and faith.

After blessing the land, the Alubrans set out on what many believed was a frivolous quest. High atop the tallest peak of the Khabren Mountains was an enormous tree that the culture viewed as sacred. It was their goal to uproot the living tree that was so unique and transport it to the center of what would one day become their city. They reached out to the Daphinae and Talmori for their assistance, and the two peoples were enthused to help in any way they could. Within a month, the rocks have been carefully peeled away from the roots and were transplanted into the clouds. They were so expertly enchanted that they sustained plant life as well as the richest soil, and so the tree not only survived, but flourished. Now it is the site of their government, and ornate buildings have been constructed around the living branches. To see it is to understand how the Alubrans run their society with their Shao. The center of the tree is green and natural, while one side has turned porcelain white with glistening, iridescent leaves and the other has dark and gnarled limbs with black leaves. The entire tree still pulses with life and reflects the views of the leaders who dwell within its branches.

Outsiders often joke that the city is laid out similar to the tree: intertwining streets that branch out in all directions in a tangled mass. To the Alubrans it is quite simple to get around, as they can simply take to the skies and see the place where they need to go. To those who visit the city without such help often find themselves lost or turned around when looking for their destination. The only location that is simple to find is palace at the heart of the city, only because the tree towers over everything and stands taller than anything else in the city. Otherwise, tourists ask one of the friendly people found in the streets that are always incredibly helpful those who have gotten lost. The most common way that people find directions are not street names, but statues that litter all the walkways that depict the carefree, joyful lifestyles the Alubrans hold dear.

Business has turned out to be incredibly profitable for the city as the unique landscape and location has drawn the curious from all over the world. Their inns are hailed as some of the finest in the world and they thoroughly enjoy bathhouses to relax the body and soul. Guild houses have also popped throughout the city with a few establishing large chapter houses in the expansive city. The Tailors Guild has built a huge location there, both for showcasing work from all over the world, and for training new seamstresses and craftsmen from all over Valindir. The Guild of the Arts has also nestled themselves in the city and are constantly displaying new work and enjoying frequent visitors since the Alubrans are known for their love of the arts. A chapter of the Courtesans Guild has opened its doors in Lomaisa, and it was no surprise that it was an Amethyst House because of their inclusion of art.


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