Louvenia, Goddess of Change and Growth, Creator of the Senai

Louvenia was the youngest of all Wood’s children, and the only known daughter that he ever created. While most expected her to be somewhat boyish, especially with her brothers and father known for being rougher than most, the Goddess of Change and Growth turned out to be a charming young woman. She was delicate and kind, although her strength truly manifested itself in her will, and being able to lead others. She often kept her brothers in line after the Elements departed, and most would listen when she spoke, as she had a powerful way of communicating that captivated people’s minds and hearts. Her first edition to Valindir was the creation of seasons, as she tired of the constant warm, sunny nature of the world at all times of the year. While some gods protested, others found the change invigorating, as she had added a challenge in surviving and made their mortal children more adaptable. After this, Louvenia was content to dwell deep in the lakes on Hellios, enjoying the peace that the flowing, tumbling rivers offered her. When she came across a group of Danava that were perishing because they were cut off from the sea, The Goddess of Change and Growth set to adapting them to life in fresh water, and thusly created the Senai. She lived among them for years, content to play and cavort with her new children. When Al’Drenra finally reached the waters she called home it is said they ran red with blood, as she and her brothers Hienle and Pardu would kill any mortal foolish enough to wage war on their lands.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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