Caraleria, the Element of Magic

Totem: Cat
Number: 1
Colors: Blue and Purple

The members that make up the following of Magic are known as seekers of knowledge, but that is about the only thing that ties them all together. Much like the Element Herself, those within Caraleria’s following are individualistic and see the world through their own, unique perspective. There are no universals in this faith, only what one person knows to be true, and it can be completely different for the next member of the church. What all of them value is a plethora of information, and whether it be books, oral stories or relics from times past, they each desire more and more wisdom from any source they can find. Many of them have taken up residence in libraries, and some of their temples around Valindir are more complete than even some of the grand libraries of Enaryn, although the Elves would firmly disagree.

Besides being desirous of knowledge, those in Caraleria’s faith have a deep respect for that of the past and often preserve in the most mundane of items, so that hundreds of years in the future, those generations may have access to the understanding of today. They hide these urns, boxes and other containers all about the realm, far outside the reach of anyone who might pass by and each year more and more are unearthed from times past, and brings with them new understanding of Valindir. Those in the faith often travel all over the world, learning anything from anyone they might pass and often strike up conversations with complete strangers and travel with them for short periods of time. The most abhorrent thing to these followers is to be willingly ignorant and close-minded. They firmly believe in all new knowledge, even if it goes against what you currently know to be true. Most of the worshippers will sit and converse with the most hardened of criminals, just to gain their view of the world.

There is a common misconception in this faith that those who follow Magic must be mages, but that does not have to be true. While it’s true that many mages offer prayers to Caraleria, there are many in Her following that are simply desirous of knowledge and wisdom. It may have been Caraleria that breathed the art of Magic into the realm, but She does not limit Herself to just one subject, and sees the use of magic as just what She personally contributed to the world.

Those with an excess of Magic tend to be flighty, never staying in one place for too long. They also tend to be very talkative, but never stay on one subject, straying throughout all types of knowledge in one conversation. They often tend to travel alone and prefer the company of a book rather than the fallible nature of mortals. On the reverse end, those that lack in Magic tend to be quieter and stationary, content in the circumstances they are in at the time. They are more likely to be social and struggle if they are ever on their own, generally following along with the popular consensus and not breaking away from it. Most of the followers of Magic have written books, poems, songs or anything else to preserve their point of view for the future generations. Some of these writings have been banned inside some civilizations, as some tend to be raw and gritty, portraying circumstances not often spoken of in polite company.


Caraleria Herself tends to be a fickle, talkative Element, not often staying in one place for long before She grows bored and moves on to Her next interest. Because of this, the sightings of Her can vary greatly, as can Her form, and She has even been known to appear as Peoples that have long since disappeared from Valindir. While She does spend time among the other Elements, She soon even tires of their company and will often mingle among mortals, disguised as one of them until She makes Her grand exit, normally inspiring awe or even fear. She is fascinated by the resilience of the world and the “new” creations Her grandchildren have fashioned, seeing Herself not only as a spectator, but also a participant. To the dismay of some, She often plays with Her powers, summoning magical creatures and torrents of spells, just to see how people react to them.

For the most part, Caraleria has never caused any real damage to the world, and is amused when people accuse Her of such. She is rarely offended, even when called despicable names to Her face, giggling slightly and disappearing, as She sees them as uneducated and not even worth Her anger. That is not to say that She has never been wrathful or displeased, as Her moods can shift as fast as the changing winds. No one is quite sure exactly what draws Her ire, as it can alter widely and change even from moment to moment.

Aurix – Caraleria thoroughly enjoys Aurix’s company when She is found in it, and often will watch His following to see the new steps they learn in survival. As for Aurix Himself, She is amused by His skills, and often challenges Him to what She sees as games, and what He sees as a chance to hone His craft.

Belimedra – Caraleria sees Belimedra as too frail and weak to hold much interest, and too set in Her ways to offer much conversation. While She does respect Her, the two often bicker when in each other’s company, so they often just avoid one another completely.

Brodgeir – Stone is far too serious and set in His ways to ever garner any respect from Magic. She sees Him as close-minded and pities Him at times, but also avoids Him, as even the sound of His voice is enough to draw Her anger out.

Evoru – Magic adores Metal’s unique way of looking at the world and will often watch Evoru as if to study Her and Her ways. She has also been known to tarry in Her company at times, but doesn’t often stay too long, as She finds Herself influenced to destroy rather than learn.

Lamulae – Lamulae is one of Caraleria’s dearest friends and probably the Element She confides in the most. Magic finds that Water best understands Her free-flowing ways, but the two can get into games that they find amusing, but what sailors call raging storms that they feel blessed to have survived.

Udele – While Magic does respect Spirit in all that He does, Udele tends to be more serious than Caraleria and thus the two are not often seen interacting. She has been known to watch Spirit from time to time, just to gain an understanding of His existence and way of life.

Ri’ – Caraleria adores Air and finds Him the most open-minded and fun as anyone of the Elemental Pantheon. She often goes to Him when she feels upset, as she knows that Air will always bring a smile to Her face.

Rhesk – Rhesk and Magic are not two found in each other’s company, but not from Caraleria’s lack of trying. She tends to bother Fire with what He calls “silly games” and often draws His wrath, as She can ignite it faster than any of the other Elements.


Caraleria has been sighted all throughout history as She has often found Herself among people from all walks of life. She has even taken lovers and supposedly has children and descendants that still live today, although She Herself would never identify any of them. When not mingling among mortals, She can often be found simply traveling the realm unseen, admiring both the untouched beauty of nature and the towering cities of men. It is said She even tends to the tombs of the fallen gods and goddesses, stating that they should never be forgotten, even if they made their mistakes.

It was Magic who argued most viciously against dismembering their children’s souls and saw it as barbaric for chastising their line of thinking. While She would admit that most all of them had committed heinous crimes, She argued that the mortals had as well, and there must be some other solution. She was eventually overturned, but most attribute Aspects to Her, as She did aid Stone in the placing and forming of the new souls that were carved from the gods. Why She would do so is unknown, but most speculateSshe wanted more of their children to live on than simply their image, and wanted the knowledge they had to percolate down to people, even if it was in smaller volumes.


Many in the following of Magic keep to themselves and travel all over the realm, making it nearly impossible to form any kind of organized faith, especially since not every member of the church has a core set of beliefs, save for the pursuit of knowledge. The few temples that are erected are maintained by what most people would consider priests and priestesses who have sacrificed travel to educate those seeking information within the walls of their church. These people are referred to as “Tigers” and often help newcomers to the faith find their path with various rituals including vaporous incense that is said to connect one to Caraleria’s thoughts for a short period of time.

Another, more infamous part of Magic’s following is a group of people known as “Panthers.” This faith is fascinated with death and the soul, and has often conducted experiments on what happens to the spirits, Devas and Demons in the other realm. While some of them have become master mages that are able to call the souls of the dead back to life, other have followed the path of necromancy to understand what the soulless really are, as no knowledge is ever forbidden in the faith. Many fear Panthers, as they wonder where they find all these wayward souls and imagine that perhaps they kill for the sake of wisdom.

Other sects of the religion exist and spring up about the realm, and others simply fade away once their members have passed on. No one knows exactly how many there are, only that they all call themselves by the name of a cat, large or small, as it is the totem animal of their beloved Caraleria. Those within the faith are always excepting of these new ideas and beliefs, and a compendium of all the known and past followings are housed in their temples so that the knowledge would never be lost.


Posted July 7, 2011 by Evoru