Manners and Civility

Manners and civility are something everyone should be practicing at all times while on Valindir (or while off in the real world). Are we as the Staff going to say none of us ever say a curse word? Of course not, some of us curse like sailors, but there is a time and place for such things and there are some areas of the game where it’s not appropriate.

Firstly, there is to be no profane language on the forums. While we aren’t trying to smother anyones right to express themselves in the way they see fit, there are rules for playing the game and having access to the forums. If we find a post that has questionable language in it, we will either edit the post or remove it completely. If repeat offences ensue, you may become banned from the forums, so please, watch your language.

Please remember that everyone here on Valindir comes from all sorts of walks of life and has different views on the world. Please do not try and discuss hot button topics like politics and religion unless it’s with a friend and do not ever do it on game channels. We on Valindir are not going to act as judge and jury, so we ask that you keep your personal views about sensitive topics to yourself and your close friends. This being said, harassing other players about/for their views, orientation, hair color, race etc… will not be tolerated.

You attract more bees with honey. Essentially what this means is that shouting at people (including members of Staff) that they are silly ninnies that don’t know how to play the game is not going to get you very far, unless your goal is to get banned. We would LOVE to hear your suggestions, concerns, opinions etc… but please come with a bit of politeness in hand. Spewing profanity and insults is generally just going to get you ignored or banned from the game, so please, be nice.

In-game cursing is allowed, but please remember in what environment you are playing; this is a medieval fantasy world and the same curses won’t always apply. If you are unsure if a curse word is acceptable, please ask a member of the Staff, but generally most modern profanity won’t apply. Feel free to make up your own and toss them about in game though!


Posted March 12, 2012 by Evoru

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