Medolka, God of Unity, Creator of the Kren

The last child of Spirit, Medolka was not given as much guidance as perhaps he should have, which better explains his unorthodox tactics and actions. Udele noticed an uneasy trend among the immortal children, and hoped that Medolka could unify them and stop their silly bickering their parents often had to break up. The God of Unity was taught to be firm, yet willing to compromise, and to try and see things from all perspectives before making his choices. Medolka saw his cause as just and right, and so when the Elements departed, he set to work trying to calm any quarrels that arose. At first, he was immensely successful, averting a few spats between his kin, but before long the other gods grew tired of him. They exiled him to the island that is now Vysok, and there he created the Kren, a unified race that had no want or need of the outside world. He dwelled with them, keeping them secluded from his brothers and sisters and teaching them about community and leadership. When emissaries from the Orcs, Dwarves and Centaurs visited, trying to enlist aid for their armies during Al’Drenra, Medolka killed them all; drawing his own people into the conflict by mistake.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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