Mikala, Goddess of Chaos and Destruction, Creator of the Orcs

Created by Fire specifically as a mate for the God of Order, Mikala accepted her role as his spouse with great pleasure. She found that Brodalin was able to give her a sense a peace she did not know on her own, and she found pleasure in making him smile with her antics. The Goddess of Chaos and Destruction often found herself in the company of other pantheon members when not with Brodalin, and clapped with glee anytime they could cause a bit of unrest together. When with her husband, she tried to temper his need for control over everything, and for a time, the two were able to bring balance to the world. It was Yarowe that changed the tone of the otherwise jovial Mikala when the Goddess of Beauty insulted her and threw her out of Elven territory so that she could not look upon the Elves. Mikala’s thoughts dwelled only on making Yarowe pay for the disrespect she had shown, so she and Brodalin set to work on making the Orcs together. They would be a race that was a perfect balance of destruction and order. After the failure of the Elven-Orc Wars, Mikala retracted from the world. Even Brodalin could not console her in her depression, and the two lived alone for the rest of their days, ignoring their children and leaving them to the mercy of Al’Drenra.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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