Seated at the edge of Thorsa Lake is the monumental city of Mikklagaard; the capital of the Dwarven country. Built thousands of years ago, the city was once the home of the royal family who dwelled in grandiose palace right along the shore of the lake. While most buildings are crafted from the same stones of the Khabren Mountains, the palace was built from alabaster stones and marble that was imported into their home. The Dwarves explored Valindir and found the most ornate and gorgeous rock from all around the realm to incorporate into citadel for their queens, as Mikklagaard was to show a shining example of how all peoples should live. Even though their matriarchs both passed away years ago, they have maintained their palace for the day their leaders return and take up the crown once more.

The rest of city fans out from the towering castle with all main roads leading out from its doorstep and into the masses. It was meant to make Dwarves feel connected to their leader, but now it only serves to separate them. Only a handful of people have remained in Mikklagaard and parts of the city gather dust and cobwebs from lack of use. Merchants selling their clan’s wares to the outside world, priests that worship at the lake, and the advisory council that await the return of the queens are some of the last left in this immense but deserted town. Homes built from the sturdy rocks of their country stand vacant along the paved roads of their residential district. Occasionally a doorway will be wreathed in the traditional decorations of their owner and show signs that someone still dwells there, but most only have wilted and dead plants clinging nails that make it seem all the more grim. Parts of city have been allowed to fall to ruin through cave-ins and wild animals roam the once busy streets. It is a stark contrast to what Mikklagaard was before the death of their rulers.

In its prime, the city was always lit with torches and magical crystals but now they flicker near death or have gone out completely. Traces of the festivals that were once celebrated are only evidenced by the colorful banners hanging along buildings that have become faded and worn with time. The inn is one of the only larger buildings that are still maintained and operational, serving those who make pilgrimages to Thorsa Lake or pay their respects to the fallen royals. In fact, they have had to expand to accommodate everyone that visits throughout the year since few actually own any property there any longer.

The once bustling guild halls even stand empty, and their members scattered to the villages of each territory. Because Bröndólfr was split into five separate regions, each of the five guilds that once operated from the capital departed to a different location. While most outsiders are not permitted past Mikklagaard, an exception has been made for guild business, and has facilitated not only contact with the rest of the world, but between peoples of different clans. The Blacksmiths Guild traveled to Brengolix where their main chapter is now located, and boasts one of the largest guild halls in the country. Ulfaedir is home to a Jade Courtesan House, which much smaller than ornate but vacant chapterhouse in Mikklagaard. The Mining Guild relocated to Frodulkin where their membership has boomed since nearly every citizen holds membership in guild. Preferring to stay close to the lake that they see as holy, the Guild of the Faithful built a modest guild hall in Duradel. Grogaelik almost immediately opened a chapter of the Mercenaries Guild to help train their ranks and to make sure their battle prowess was never allowed to rust.


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