Mindranna, Goddess of Time

From the moment of her birth, Mindranna was a very calm, serious goddess who took her task of keeping time running smoothly with the utmost importance. As Air had sent the world spinning, the hours of the day took shape, but it was Mindranna who crafted devices to keep track of the passing of hours and made sure that everything stayed on track. When the Elements left, Mindranna made sure that things were kept in order, and when the mortals were created, she became flustered and disliked the chaos they seemed to create. Despite that annoyance, Mindranna set about her duties far away from the people and even the other immortals. She stayed by herself and ignored Al’Drenra that raged across the land and simply made sure that the world turned as it should and kept the rising and setting of the sun at the exact time each day. When the Element’s returned and Spirit looked upon the nonchalance of his daughter, he questioned the Goddess of Time on why she had not done something to stop the carnage. The young woman simply turned and said “The setting and rising of the sun is not set on the fleeting lives of inferior creatures, and I do not have the time to care.” Spirit looked upon his child and his heart broke, as he could not fathom how his daughter could have grown so cold.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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