Average Lifespan: 400 years
Average Height: 6’8” – 7 feet
Average Weight: 200 – 300 pounds
Pregnancy Duration: 8 months

Physically imposing yet serene within, the Minotaur have lived a quiet, humble existence for nearly their entire history. Noted for being quite stubborn at times, this has both been a hindrance and a benefit for them over the years. While they may hold a grudge for hundreds of years, they are also fiercely loyal once befriended, even to the point of sacrificing their life for their friends and family. They are a people of simplicity and contentment; for to be greedy or ungrateful is seen as juvenile. Those who have not displayed the maturity needed to be considered a true adult are treated as children, no matter what their age. Choosing not to enter into the petty squabbles of the world, the Minotaur have been pleased to live in their communities and villages, although in recent years they have found a purpose and calling in protecting others. Rather than striving to be superior, the Minotaur believe in equality of every living being, and so work towards balance rather than dominance.

Physical Characteristics

Long ago, their creator chose the bull to represent his views on the world, and so his people were based upon them. They tower above others at around seven feet in height and tend to weigh two or three hundred pounds, most of which is muscle. Their feet come to wide, cloven hooves, yet their legs are like another other races, and can bend at the knee. At first people were curious on how such a creature could walk, but their hooves are nearly the size of a normal mans foot, and provides great traction, especially in mountainous areas. Their torsos tend to be rigid and muscular, supporting their broad chests and shoulders. Even the women tend to be stockier, only showing curves in the bust and hips. Their skin is covered in a short layer of hair that lays flat against their frame and tends to have a glossy sheen to it when caught in the right light. Their colors range in shade and pattern, as some are solid jet black, while others are spotted with whites or brown. Their faces are that of a bull, with a wide nose resting above their mouth along a short snout. Often times their nose will be pieced with a gold or silver ring, and it has become quite fashionable to do so, especially for men. Their eyes are solid black, with an occasional starburst of gold or silver speckling the iris. The men have a broad set of gleaming white horns that protrude from their hair and poke out just above their somewhat floppy ears. The women do not possess these horns and it’s often times an easy way to tell the genders apart, as both are similar in appearance otherwise. Their hair is often a point of pride, and they will always keep it combed and silky, even if it’s a shorter style. Often when they are doing something physically demanding, they will tie it back to keep it from becoming damaged or dirty.


Cymedros, the creator of the Minotaur, sought to create a people that were physically powerful, and yet were able to live in balance with the world around them. The Minotaur were the embodiment of what the God of Strength and Fortitude had sought and for over a thousand years the god and his creations lived in harmony with the world. They would often make treks from their islands to visit Qualo and the Talmori, and the two races became fast friends. When the first rumblings of Al’Drenra began and the wars broke out, the Minotaur were content to observe from afar, not wanting to upset the natural order of things, or meddle in the affairs of other immortals. However, when the Talmori were threatened with extinction at the hands of the Orcs, the Minotaur rushed to their side and helped defend their people. It was the first time that Minotaurs caused such bloodshed, but it would not be the last. As the wars dragged on, the Minotaurs now found they were the object of attack from other races seeking to prove their superiority.

By the time the Elements returned to Valindir, the Minotaur were exhausted of battle, and only wished to return to their islands of their homeland. The Assembly proved to be an interesting challenge for the Minotaur, as they felt the Mynolin Islands were rightfully theirs. However, they encountered quite a bit of hostility, as the Humans wished to claim part of them for Balinor, and the Danava wanted some for Eiltia Empire. While some assumed the Minotaurs would try and lay their claim with force, instead they outlined how all those islands worked together to allow their society to function. Each small piece was a part of the whole, and to lose one would unbalance their simple way of living. It was this heartfelt argument and intelligent outline of their reasons that the Assembly not only sided with the Minotaur, but the Humans and Danava retracted their claims with a heartfelt apology.

In recent years, the Minotaur have struck up an alliance with the Humans, and have offered to help maintain the balance by stepping in as part of the guard for Danzibar. With the wars between the Humans and Centaurs growing more perilous by the day, the Minotaur thought it best to help protect everyday people from the grips of these battles. This is why several Minotaurs decided to fill the void left in the guard when the Centaurs were excused from the massive city. They will not fight in open war however, and seek only to protect the innocent and allow them to live their lives in happiness. The Sapphire Council has been more than grateful to them, and has struck a deal with the Merchants Guild to offer them goods and reduced rates for their sacrifice. The Minotaurs are credited with keeping the wars contained to battles between soldiers, as many feared the Centaurs new alliance with the Orcs would catapult the two countries into a bloody slaughter and collapse the largest trading hub in the world.

Culture and Religion

The Minotaur have adopted a life of tranquility and tend to keep to themselves and do what makes them happy. Several are farmers, working the rich lands of the Mynolin Islands to produce all types of foods. In fact, most of the world’s exports of vegetables, grains and smoking tobacco come from the Minotaur. They are avid smokers of tobacco and often try to breed different types to find unique flavors and consistency. Even a few of the island grow fruits that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and while simple, the Minotaur cuisine is considered a delicacy around Valindir.

After the carnage and destruction of Al’Drenra and the pettiness the gods displayed, the Minotaurs turned to the Elements for guidance. They feel, even to this day, that without the intervention of the Elements, the world would have torn itself apart in the wake of such unrest. Because of this, following in the Path of the Gods is considered taboo, at least in order to awaken one of the sleeping immortals. They do still hold a respect for them as their parents, and often times will burn incense in honor of their sacrifice, willing or not. The Path of the Enlightened is seen as the most dangerous, as it places the arrogance of men above the wisdom of the Elements who returned balance to Valindir. To assume one can posses such vast understanding or even come close to attaining such power is foolish and greedy. They are to be feared and cast out, as they breed dissension and discontent wherever they roam.

Stubborn in their convictions, the Minotaurs have a finite understanding of marriage and family. They believe firmly in monogamy, and to entertain more than one prospective spouse at a time, even just in courtship, is seen as gluttonous and misleading. Love is a sacred gift that should not be squandered or taken lightly, as it can be one of the greatest blessings of an individual’s life. Marriage is considered a celebration, and so when a man and woman decide to wed, the entire community becomes involved in its planning. Often times their parties can last for days, with the new couple enjoying as much of it as they can. Divorce is frowned upon, but not forbidden, as there have been times where it has been called for. Couples are encouraged to seek council and help from others before destroying such a sacred bond. Homosexuality is thought of as against the natural order of things, but a few communities throughout the Mynolin Islands have embraced it and the rest of the Minotaur have at least tried to tolerate it. They cannot abide marrying outside of their race, and couples who do so are asked to leave the islands permanently. While they may be physically imposing, they tend to be calm and logical beings; preferring to reason out disagreements rather than bash them out with a weapon. This has not made them less of a force to deal with however, as they are strong in their convictions and will often argue their point with as much fervor and endurance as any warrior.

Strength and fortitude, the pillars they that were originally created upon, refer not only to their physical prowess, but their sharpness of mind. It is shameful to only to train one, and not the other, at least to a Minotaur. They also see themselves as protectors of those weaker than they are, and offer up challenges to anyone who might threaten someone who is clearly no match for them. Other races often try to hire them as bodyguards, as they are both sound of mind and body, and often make for good company as well as protection. This has gotten several of them in trouble, as they are not always upholders of the law, but of their own personal convictions. If they feel the cause is just or worthwhile, they will pursue it, regardless of any government of people that might try and impede them.


The Minotaur control the Mynolin Island Chain along the southern inlet of Valindir. All the islands there are under their control and jurisdiction, but several of them have remained untouched and inhabited by anyone, including the Minotaur. Generally, each island is made up of small communities that are woven through the rich farmlands and lush, tropical jungles, depending on the particular island. They each specialize in a type of food, some preferring to harvest the fruits of the trees that grow their naturally, while others hunt some of the wild creatures that live on and around the islands for prized meats and seafood. Some islands have even popped up with small cities that trade with other civilizations around the world and bring new and interesting items to the Minotaur people.

Relations with Other Races

The Minotaur have always tried to be civil with all the people of the realm, regardless of their personal feelings about them. They would prefer to keep the balance and peace rather than stir up problems between others, but that does not mean they are particularly fond of some of the other races, even if they treat them with civility.

Alubra – Misguided about how the world truly operates, the Alubra are a people that are need of protecting. Their optimistic attitude is commendable, and perhaps even desirable, but their inability to see the harshness and cruelty of Valindir makes them vulnerable to attack. They are considered good friends and companions though, and often help a Minotaur to see the good in all things.

Centaurs – Proud warriors and worthy opponents, the Centaurs are a people who are perhaps not as strong of mind as they should be. They are too easily persuaded by another with sharper wit, and are therefore quite a danger, because they are so physically powerful. They are to be pitied, but regarded with caution, as they also let their emotions get the best of them.

Danava – While the Danava may adore the Minotaur, the feeling is not always mutual. They are seen as tricksters who conquer in the name of peace and understanding. While a few have embraced their ideals, the Minotaur are still cautious of their intentions.

Daphinae – From what the Minotaur know of the Daphinae, they find them a most favorable friend and ally. They tend to be honest, even if they are a bit uncultured and wild, and have a respect for the land and the need to preserve it. While most will never venture to Hellios, several Daphinae have come to them, and showed them new techniques for growing and harvesting.

Drakien – While they may have descended from vicious Dragons, the Minotaur still understand there is more to a person than their parentage. They take each Drakien as an individual and judge them accordingly, as they have no solid culture or sense of belonging, at least from the Minotaur’s point of view.

Dwarves – Dwarves are seen as people in a constant state of turmoil, both inside and out, and should be helped if a Minotaur is ever given the chance. They cannot see past their own greediness, and sell weaponry to anyone with the coin. Still, they are not considered responsible for what their weapons might one day do, just unwise in their endeavors and dealings.

Elves – The Minotaur appreciate a people that can control a vast empire without the need for unnecessary violence. While their attitudes can be a bit off-putting at times, they are still a people to be admired, as they have not delved into sneaky tactics or underhanded dealings to secure their fortune and power.

Gryphon – Perhaps the most kindred of spirits to the Minotaur, the Gryphon are viewed as honorable protectors and wise friends. Often times they share a close bond of camaraderie, and any Minotaur is blessed to call one friend. Many believe the only reason you find any Minotaur in Yarola’Sia is to visit this race and share stories and experiences with one another.

Humans – Regarded as the weakest of all races, the Minotaurs admire a people that have overcome such crippling handicaps to secure their place as powerful force in the world. It is because of this that their way of life should be preserved, as a testament to what one can overcome with enough strength of heart and courage of soul.

Kren – Far too rigid, even for the Minotaur, the Kren are still a people to commended, as they have kept themselves out of petty fighting and bickering with the rest of Valindir. Still, the Minotaur believe that true balance comes from freedom, and not forcing it upon someone like their government does.

Kithras – Even though the two cultures are completely different, and even opposed in ideals to one another, the Minotaur have found the Kithras are quite good friends. Despite their differences, the Minotaur can respect people that accept others for how they are and are not constantly trying to change that person. It is a challenge to allow people such freedom and yet maintain peace among their race, and the Kithras have been able to obtain this balance.

Melrog – Despite their views on the atrocity of creating a race through sorcery and science, the Melrog are not to be held accountable for the mistakes of others. They cannot fathom how others cannot accept this race as sentient people with souls, and have therefore befriended them and offered them sanctuary on their islands to live their lives as farmers with the Minotaur.

Mithyrn – The Minotaur do not think too highly of people that would simply remove themselves from the world instead of trying to improve it. While it is commendable that they wish to live in peace, it is seen as cowardly not to even try to interact with others, and therefore the Mithyrn are viewed as weak of mind and conviction.

Orcs – Disruptive and violent, the Minotaur detest a people that have been responsible for more chaos and destruction than any other race in recorded history. Their unwillingness to cease their militaristic lifestyle and constant hunger for battle makes them a threat to others. Still, a few Orcs that have broken away from their culture have found friends among the Minotaur, who are willing to accept them so long as they are not causing unrest.

Senai – Peaceful and kind, the Minotaur have always admired how resilient and faithful the Senai have remained, despite the challenges they face. While the two people do not often interact, it is considered an honor to befriend someone who values inner serenity like the Minotaur.

Sidhe – Appreciative of the harmony the Sidhe try to bring, the sometimes see them as more of a hindrance than help. Often times the peace they bring is only temporary, and they don’t get to the heart of an issue before departing, leaving those they assist only poised to resume their conflict within a short time. Still, with some help from others, the Sidhe could truly be a great balance to Valindir.

Talmori – Closest to the Talmori than any other race on Valindir, the two have shared in a deep friendship, and were the first race permitted to join the tribes of the Talmori. They often visit one another in their homelands, and trade stories and goods to continue their companionship throughout the ages.


The Minotaurs speak Bructish, as their creator felt in needed so they could reason with some of the more violent people in the world. They also adopted common so that they could communicate with anyone they might come across. While most children only learn those two languages, as they grow older, many Minotaurs choose to learn other languages, as they feel perhaps some meaning and translations are lost when people speak only in common. Properly understanding one another is key to the Minotaur, and it is language that facilitates this trade of wisdom.


The Minotaur have a wide variety of names depending on the community they come from. Some sound guttural and harsh, while others have a soft, flowing quality to them. Parents will often have their children share the first sound in their name, and it is only the end sounds that are different. (For example, Doumedra, Doulent, and Doukendo would all be siblings). It symbolizes a close bond between brothers and sisters, so that even when they are apart, the can remember and honor those who are close to them.

Male Names: Lodramis, Forthental, Krigra
Female Names: Foluna, Mytrenos, Crokale

Player Difficultly Level

Difficult. While their culture is somewhat easy going and they are peaceful people, the Minotaur are quite physically large with cloven hooves. This makes getting around in civilization a bit more difficult, and ladders almost completely impossible. It’s because of their physical limitations and immense size that we place them in the difficult category, because it can be a difficult burden to RP.

Notes on Role Playing this Race

As for every race, the Minotaur still wear clothes, and not just loincloths. They have armor that fits them, as well as pants, shirts and dresses that would fit over their frame. They don’t have tails however, and so would not need holes in the back of their clothing to account for one. Often times they will adorn the ends of their horns with jeweled coverings or simple dulled metal balls to keep the sharp ends from accidentally goring something or someone. The Minotaur do not moo or chew cud. While they may have been based on bulls and cows, they do not imitate them or even make similar sounds. They do snort when aggravated, like anyone else, theirs is just more imposing and noticeable since they have a larger nose and snout.


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