Morning Glory

A vining plant which flowers in shades of blue, pink, or white depending on soil conditions, morning glories are found almost entirely on areas that are or have been used as farmland, though a few seem to enjoy a tame life in a garden. Known to be a pretty plant that attracts pollinators, morning glories need a good deal of room to stretch out, and for this reason tend to favor fences and trees on which to climb.


The morning glory isn’t simply a pretty face, however. Many with an inclination towards magic go out in the early dawn, when this plant is most potent, to collect its vines for use in various spells and enchantment. At one point its harvest became so prolific that wild morning glories were rare, and farmers were paid just to encourage the growth of this little plant across their property. Now, even though the plant is no longer in danger of dying out, many farmers and ranchers have become fond of the sight of them, and so continue to grow them.


Posted May 3, 2017 by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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