Mynolin Islands

Dotting the otherwise vast Midrena Sea are the islands that are home to the Minotaur known as the Mynolin Islands. Scattered along the southern edge of the main continent, it is the common belief that these petite land masses once connected the nations of Huldova and Balinor. According to legends, there was once a gigantic land bridge that stretched across the waters between the two nations before any of the mortals were created. What is now the salty sea where the Danava dwell was said to be crystal clear lake with depths that were unexplored, even by the gods. There, deep in the darkest parts of Valindir, was said to be beast known as the Leviathan; the creature that was crafted by the Elements to guard the caverns that lead to the core of the world. The myth goes that when the monster felt the earth heave as the mortals were born it flew into a rage and tried to escape the awful noises the immortals were making. In its attempt to escape, it burst through the land itself and swam into the ocean, pushing Aeponae and Hellios off the continent and scattering the fragments of land that are now the home of the Minotaur. Whether or not these myths hold any truth, no one would deny that these islands keep some of the larger marine predators out of the bays of the rest of civilization.

The islands themselves show little signs of their violent heritage and are often places of peace and serenity. Farmlands that grow a menagerie of vegetables, grains, fruits and tobacco cover most the colonies, while other islands are completely wild and untouched. There is also a thriving fishing and sharking industry that the Minotaur run, always being cautious never to poach on the Danava side of the territory. The citizens often live in smaller communities that are sprinkled throughout the farmlands and export most of their crop to the rest of the world. It has proven to be a lucrative business and while the outside of their homes may look humble, the indoors are often decorated with trinkets from all over Valindir.

The most popular area for tourists is the island known as Opelda; the only place that has paved streets and towering buildings in the Minotaur nation. It was designed to help vacationers come and enjoy the tropical paradise without disrupting the day to the day lives of those who work the lands. While the islands have no official capital or even organized government, Opelda is where most of the trade is centered as well; drawing all the scattered people together to sell and trade their goods not only with each other, but the outside world as well. It is also home to all the guild houses that have built grandiose chapterhouses among the Minotaur.

The Cooking Guild is the largest and most popular guild in the Mynolin Islands, probably because the Minotaur are known for their love of food. Chefs from all over the world have travelled here to sample the unique flavors and foods of the culture as well as bring their culinary expertise and style to people who live here. Another guildhall that seems to always be bustling with comings and goings is the Mercenaries Guild who often solicits membership from both an honorable and powerful people. The Blacksmiths Guild has opened a chapterhouse in Opelda, but they primarily sell wares to the Minotaur rather than recruit more members to their craftsmanship. Either way, the Minotaur enjoy having them in their midst and have helped make the blacksmiths there much wealthier for their trouble of dwelling so far from their homelands.


Posted October 25, 2011 by belimedra

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