Nielalien, Goddess of Death

Nielalien was the second immortal to be created, crafted just minutes after her twin sister, Hadashae, by the Element of Spirit. At first, the world seemed foreign to her, and she was content to stay close to her father and twin sister. As more and more immortals were born into the realm, Nielalien ventured throughout the lands, never far from her closest companion, Hadashae. When the two began experimenting with their talents, it was Nielalien that slew the first mortal, a young Sylvan male who seemed just as curious about her and she was of him. She was shocked by what she had done, and pleaded with her twin to help somehow, but Hadashae was still young with her powers and couldn’t restore the man. The more that Nielalien tried to undo what she had done, the faster the body decomposed, and the other immortals cast her away, vowing that they would never have anything to do with her again. With her father gone and the other gods and goddesses ignoring her, Nielalien became embittered and cold, talking to no one but her sister. When Al’Drenra broke out, Nielalien was pleased that the others had degraded themselves and she relished in what she saw as worship to her skills. Even in her sullenness, Hadashae stayed at her side and even aided her sister for what she had been put through. It is even rumored that the two created a disease that made a living mortal seem as if they were dead and so barbaric that they feasted only on the life of others.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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