Obtaya, Goddess of the Day and Light

Obtaya was born as eldest daughter of Fire because he wanted the world to always shine with the light like that of the burning sun, even at night. When Metal heard of this, she crafted a mate for Obtaya and named him Ohesta, and the two were opposite in every way. While they were very different, Obtaya found him fascinating and she soon did take him as her partner. At night, Obtaya would light tiny orbs throughout the realm so that all could still move about freely, even in the darkness, and would smile as the newly crafted mortals found their way through Valindir. At times, she would leave the mortals on their own during the dark hours of the night to go be with Ohesta, but the people began to grumble that she was failing in her duties and hunters could not stalk their prey at the late hours of the night. When the two heard of their murmurings, they became angered at the frail creatures, and the two formed their own race that dwelled in the deep places of the world known as the goblins. They were creatures that flourished in the night, but could see as clearly as if it were day. Obtaya then would light the way to the dens of these ravenous beings that would tear wayward travelers limb from limb and devour their mangled carcasses. From that point on, few tarried out of their communities when the sun dropped below the horizon, and during Al’Drenra, the goblins would overrun battlefields and devour the dying as they lay across the ground.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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