Ohesta, God of the Night and Darkness

Born just after his intended mate, Ohesta was crafted by Metal to be the exact opposite of Obtaya. While his future wife enjoyed the day and all the light, Ohesta was fascinated by night and the shadowy places of the world. During the day, Ohesta would tarry through the deep, cavernous mountains, carving out paths that would one day be the home of the dwarves, and by night, he and his beloved would wander through the realm. He adored her, and tolerated the little balls of light she left in her wake as they tarried under the stars and smiled upon the world. Every so often, the two would spend the evening simply enjoying their partnership, and Obtaya would neglect to light the orbs of the realm. When the newly crafted mortals became annoyed with this, the couple became angered and created the goblin race. They were creatures that could see in the darkness as if it were day and Ohesta laughed as the two would lead wayward travelers into the dens of these creatures. When Al’Drenra broke out, the two took their creations across battlefields and let them devour those that were left there, many of them still drawing faint breath.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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