Average Lifespan: 300
Average Height: 6’ – 6’8”
Average Weight: 200 – 400 pounds
Pregnancy Duration: 4 months

At the core of this powerful race is fierce desire to be the best and an unrelenting pursuance of a strong, solidified nation. The Orcs are a people that have a strong sense of camaraderie with one another and are always improving upon themselves by challenging one another, both physically and mentally. It is the duty of every adult Orc to protect their country, and so they often dedicate large amounts of their time to training in their chosen military field. Mages, craftsmen and warriors alike must all serve their government by constantly being available for war. While they have not laid waste to people in many years, it is their core belief that to become compliant and stagnant only invites invaders into ones home and country. They are often portrayed as stoic and serious at all times, but any Orc can tell you they laugh, cry, love and grieve like anyone else, they just don’t see the need for a dramatic show of it all the time.

Physical Characteristics

Strung with rigid muscles and a thick skin, the Orcs were a people that were created for battle, and still show traits of that today. They stand taller than most, averaging about six and a half feet, but on rare occasion a few have reached nearly seven feet in height. They weigh two to four hundred pounds, but it is difficult to find a fat Orc, as they are often physically fit with most of their weight being in muscle. The women even tend to be a stockier build, but still hold curves to their hips and bust, making it easy to distinguish the genders. Their skin holds a green tint to it, ranging from pale mints to deep emeralds. It is a common misconception that they are born with a rough, bumpy skin, but this is something that occurs over time. What others mistake for natural unevenness are actually scars from childhood and training. Most carry at least a few to mark sparring matches or hunts and wear them as signs of pride. Orcs that grew up out outside their country are often free from these blemishes, and are looked upon as weak and frail, like a child.

The eyes of an Orc are said to hold great depth, and are said to be terrifying to glimpse in battle. Most are red or gold, but other colors have emerged such as green, hazel and brown. Their hair is often worn to reflect their profession, with warriors keeping their hair short and craftsmen tending to grow it longer. This way it is to easily split up fighters from those who will make and repair their equipment easy to discern in a time of ambush or war. Their ears look unique compared with the rest of the realm, as the bottom creates a circular lobe that darts inward, then sharply back out to form somewhat pointed tips. They often pierce their ears and even cut out chunks or gauge them as marks of beauty and strength. The nose on an Orc tends to be short and wide, with the tip turning up just slightly, allowing them to smell a bit better than other races.


If there were ever a race that despised their creators, it was the Orcs. Mikala and Brodalin formed them for a specific task: to destroy all of Yarowe’s precious Elves. It was the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction that they hated the most, but her husband, the God of Order, is still as revolting as his wife. When the first Orcs drew their breath, it was a happy time. Mikala seemed pleased with how they had turned out, and would often dote on them, having them train by hunting animals and hone their skills. Brodalin would teach them proper tactics, and how to surprise their prey and remain silent as they crept up on it. This continued for years, as their numbers grew and they banded together as strong people. It would all come to crashing halt when the Orcs learned the true intent of their creation after the wars with the Elves.

It was Mikala that told the Orcs that the Elves were amassing an army and planned to wipe their people from the face of Valindir in the name of beauty. When the first of the Orc spies returned with reports of veiled, lithe warriors riding upon flying, intelligent beasts the people began to arm for battle. They would not allow their way of life to be snuffed out, and would defend their honor, as well as the honor of their loving parents. As soon as they were able, they brought the battle to the Elves, under the guidance of Brodalin, and started the first war between mortals that the world had ever seen. While it only lasted ten months, they were bloody, and both sides suffered immense causalities. Even when the Orcs began to dwindle in numbers, Mikala pushed them further, not allowing many of them to sleep or eat until they had killed at least fifteen Elves. Slowly, she slipped into madness, and a few Orcs would learn their true purpose and shift the tides of battle. When making a preliminary sweep through the forests, they came upon Yarowe and Mikala, arguing in a clearing. It was through their heated words they the Orcs learned they were mere pawns in order to destroy the Elves. They were devastated and enraged, and purposely began to withdraw, allowing the Elves to take pivotal points on the battlefields. It was the beginning of the end, and within days, Brodalin admitted defeat and the two disappeared from the known world.

After the wars, the Orcs harbored their hatred but tried to live a life away from others, and so began construction on Agra. When Al’Drenra began, the Orcs were targeted by several races, and so they took to the offensive, trying to eliminate others before they could destroy the Orcs. Surprising to most, the Orcs managed to survive Al’Drenra, and claimed Lhucrete for themselves at the Assembly. They had lived there for all of their lives, and no one dared try to take something from a race so fearsome and resilient. To this day, they have kept to themselves, training for the day that they might again be called to battle, as they know they are still a people that are feared and hated by much of the world.

In recent years, the Orcs have given sanctuary to the Centaurs because they are a strong, solidified people that were tricked and manipulated out of their rightful home. Had it been almost any other race, the Orcs would have had no problem turning them away, but the Centaurs are kindred spirits who understand the need to train their bodies and minds. While they have been hesitant to actively step into a war that is not involving their people, they have defended their borders from invading Humans, allowing the Centaurs to recover their losses and restock their supplies without threat of ambush. This is why the Centaurs have been able to give the Humans so much trouble, and the Orcs are happy to oblige, as they have never appreciated the treacherous, dishonest ways of their southern neighbors.

Culture and Religion

A strong sense of belonging to something larger than one’s self is something that the Orcs have always striven for, and have achieved this through their militaristic view on culture. They tend to be an organized people, with each person performing their duties to the best of the abilities and enabling the country not only to function, but to triumph. Every man and woman serves in the military at some point in their life, normally when they are fairly young, and trains for a span of ten years with them. While everyone who is old enough is considered part of the Orc military force should war ever arise, most make a living doing other things. Several craftsmen with armor and weaponry to rival that of Dwarven make have sprung up over the years and now run lucrative businesses in Agra.

The Orcs are a people who believe in marriage, despite claims they breed like animals without discretion on who their partner might be. Surprising to most outsiders, monogamy within marriage is not only desired, but ordered, as a child’s parentage is something important to the Orcs. In order to ensure that a child was birthed from both parents, both partners must remain monogamous to one another. Any child born out of wedlock, even if the woman is sure of the father, is considered a bastard child, and is often scorned and mocked, even into adulthood. Because of this, herbs and potions that can discontinue a pregnancy were concocted by Orcs, as well as several contraceptive measures that people can take to prevent children from being conceived. Before marriage, anyone is allow to entertain whoever they like, but those caught cheating on their spouse are either expelled from Lhucete in shame, or publically executed. It is the spouse who was cheated on that is allowed to decide their fate, and most often they are stoned to death in the area at the behest of their spurned mate.

The Orcs are not terribly religious because of their past dealings with deities. They still erect temples to the Elements, and honor them as those who saved the other, weaker races from extinction and bring a balance to the realm. They appreciate that they have not meddled in personal affairs, or tried to interfere with mortal governments, and so they pay homage to them, as they feel that have earned at least that. No one would deny they are powerful entities worthy of respect, as they have far surpassed anything even the Orcs could accomplish. The Path of the Enlightened is seen as amusing, but completely incorrect. They Orcs may take pride in their prowess, but they also understand their own limitations, and find the Path of the Enlightened far too arrogant and unwise to ever be true. Still, they don’t persecute people who wish to believe such foolishness, and allow them to live in their chosen ignorance. It is the Path of the Gods that can get individuals killed if they are found to follow it. The Gods and Goddesses are seen as petty, violent creatures that deserve only death, not accolades and worship. For someone to honor them, or worse, try and bring about their return, is executed by the government, at least if they are on Orc lands.


The Orcs control the rolling plains known as Lhucrete and have made them their home. While no one could understand why they would settle in a place so inhospitable for farming that seemed to have no natural resources whatsoever, the Orcs have relished in the challenge, and secured their hold since the times even before Al’Drenra. A few small settlements have sprung up throughout the country, but most live in the capital city of Agra that is always hustling and bustling with something to do. One of its crowning achievements is its massive arena where showcases of strength and prowess in battle are showcased to the community.

Relations with Other Races

The Orcs have not had friendly relations with most of the other races in the realm and have made quite a few enemies throughout the years. They are unapologetic for their actions and opinions, and invite anyone who would dare to try to attack them. While they have not waged open war with those they despise, it has been no secret that it has broken out into isolated incidents of violence.

Alubra – While they may vastly differ on their opinions, the Orcs have struck up a tentative friendship with the Alubrans. They were introduced to art through their people, and while they cannot find the same things breathtaking, the Orcs have embraced its practice and erected towering statues of their heroes from stone and even metals throughout their cities.

Centaurs – Perhaps the closest to the Orcs, they see these downtrodden people as strong and courageous, just perhaps not as wise as they should be. They have taken the Centaurs under their wing, as they see a great potential in them that has remained untapped because of their interactions with weaker races, primarily the Humans.

Danava – Meddling nuisances, the Orcs can perhaps tolerate a Danava or two as long as they do not mention the Eiltia Empire. Whenever their government comes up, an Orc always balks at the idea that someone would dare try and lead them to betray their country and people.

Daphinae – The Daphinae are an interesting people to be sure, as they have managed to survive and seem to detest the Elves as much as the Orcs do. However, their constant harping on nature and preserving the environment annoys the Orcs, as they do what they need to thrive without constantly treading like mice upon the land.

Drakien – A people to be reckoned with for sure, the Drakiens are seen as powerful of body while being weak of mind, and the dangers it can produce. If they were truly intelligent they would unite together, rather than letting their petty differences and bickering divide them.

Dwarves – The Orcs have struck up a lucrative trade with the Dwarves, as they are in need of metal, and their neighbors to the east are fascinated by their new types of armor and weapons. Other than trade, the two don’t share much else, and are just as pleased to leave each other alone.

Elves – While the start of the wars with the Elves may have begun under false pretexts, the Orcs still hold no good will for the lithe, arrogant race. When the Orcs attempted to reveal the deception on the part of their creators, the Elves scoffed at them, and continued to wage the wars, slaughtering people in the night and stabbing them in back, devoid of any skill or honor. For this, the Orcs have despised them, and the two people have never gotten along.

Gryphons – Loathsome creatures that are mere pets of the Elves, the Gryphons are a people that are devoid of any free will, and yet still a powerful creature. The Orcs doubt that they even truly have a soul at times, as they only seem to be at the beckon call of the Elves, and they cannot believe an individual would allow themselves to be under the yoke of servitude for so long.

Humans – Liars that have no concept of fair combat, the Humans are creatures that will steal, deceive and cheat to get what they desire, rather than taking it themselves. They are people weak of both body and mind, and have tricked others into protecting them from harm while they live out their lives in decadence.

Kithras – The Orcs were not so easily fooled as to stand against the Kithras at the Assembly, and instead admired the cunning and strategy of the cat-like creatures which find a way out of their predicament. They have avoided contact with them however, as they find them far too unfocused and foolhardy to ever be considered a real threat or a true friend.

Kren – The Kren are truly a people to be respected, as they have a strong, solidified nation that works as a unit to be a powerful force in the realm. Any Orc is considered privileged to have one as a friend, and they will often journey to Dremark to visit them.

Melrog – The Melrog are an interesting people, but far too young in their ideas about the world and how it is run. They find their insistence of staying out of conflict as cowardly, but they are just as pleased to leave them be and let them shiver in the corner when in the face of adversity.

Minotaur – Physically powerful and a people who truly understand battle, the Orcs are baffled on how they could be so easily tricked into helping the Humans. Still, to bring a willing Minotaur to the arena to showcase their physical prowess is a high honor, as they are fascinated by a people that have strength to rival their own with a sharp intelligence to match.

Mithyrn – Cowardly animals that crawl in the dirt, the Mithyrn are seen as malicious tricksters that would pit the world against the Orcs if they could. More than once this mistrust between the two has broken out into fighting, but it is normally quickly settled and the two go back to loathing one another.

Senai – The Orcs do not believe that the Senai are a different race, merely an extension of the Danava that chose to live outside the Eiltia Empire. While they can understand why someone would want to escape their annoying pandering to their queen, they don’t see many differences physically between the two and so pass them off as odd looking Danava.

Sidhe – Interfering where they don’t belong, the Sidhe are a people that use magic to brainwash others into a false peace. While the Orcs are not opposed to peace with another people, they feel it only comes out of battle where the true victor is known, not out of mere words and simple spells.

Talmori – If there are a people that the Orcs do feel somewhat remorseful about, it is the Talmori. During the times of Al’Drenra, the leaders of the Orcs were paranoid, and viciously attacked their neighbors to the west out of fear and suspicion. It is clear to them now that they are a people who are opposed to violence, despite their beastly demeanor. While they cannot entertain a people so weak of heart, they have left the alone, if only for atone for their wrongdoings.


Bructish is the language of choice for the Orcs, as it is full of strong, guttural sounds that can inspire fear and respect, even if someone cannot understand what the words are. Originally it was the language of the Centaurs, but the Orcs adopted it after the betrayal of the creators was revealed to them, and the despised anything that was bestowed on them by the gods. They are also able to speak common, and do from time to time, but will often mock others in Bructish because they feel some of their insults are lost in translation.


An Orcs first name is not nearly as important as his or her surname. While there are no noble houses, a person’s parentage is something vital to society, as the honor or shame of the parents passes on to their children. There are hundreds of surnames, and some that die off while others are started with people who break away from their weaker families and create new ones of their own. Their names tend to have harsher sounds to them, and sometimes telling the difference between the male and female names can be difficult.

Male Names: Bregdar, Otash, Kimkali

Female Names: Medrega, Somek, Kregdala

Player Difficulty Level

Difficult. The Orcs can have a harder time in the world, as most of the other races in Valindir are not too fond of them, and would be just as pleased to see them extinct. They are generally regarded with fear and suspicion, making it hard to live outside Lhucrete or even visit other places at times. They also tend to battle amongst themselves, even offering challenges to the death in the area when the situation calls for it.

Notes on Role Playing this Race

The Orcs of Valindir are not mindless killing machines as portrayed in some pieces of literature (such as the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien). They hold a great intelligence, especially for battle, and have been hailed as brilliant tacticians. They do not have especially giant tusks sticking out of their bottom lip past the nose, nor do they have rows full of sharp fangs in their mouth. While their lower jaw may stick out on some, it is not all of them, and they don’t rip raw flesh apart like an animal to eat. Their teeth do tend to be crooked, and lock together like a crocodile, but are duller at the points, and so they can eat both meats and vegetables, but couldn’t crack bones with their jaws or anything like that. Their bottom canine teeth do protrude out a bit farther, making them seem almost like tusks, but just pass the upper lip on most if they have them at all.

While the Orcs do offer up challenges to the death, it is not something they do on a whim or simply to eliminate competition. It is something that is taken incredibly seriously, and anyone who offers them up for flimsy reasons is often exiled from Lhucrete or executed themselves. They are often offered to someone who has dishonored another, or tricked them in a serious way that has caused them unneeded pain or hardship. Now they will have simple fights and brawls in the arena over more trivial matters, but they are never to the death, and anyone who murders in cold blood like that is stoned to death.

The Orcs do have slaves and servants (some of which are other Orcs, and others that are other races that were sold into slavery) but they are not abusive to them. It is actually a sign of pride when an Orc has well taken care of servants and slaves and they are happy to serve their master. Those who abuse their slaves are seen as violent animals that must be controlled, and so they are imprisoned and their belongings, including their servants, are sold off to others.


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