Pardu, God of Nature

The eldest of Wood’s sons, Pardu always stayed away from the other immortals and preferred to tarry in his father’s realm: that of the wild and untamed nature. He and Aurix were said to spend hours roaming through the dense woods, hunting one another and honing their skills. When he was left on his own, he grew bored until mortals tarried into his world. It was Hienle that introduced his brother to them, but instead of creating his own race, Pardu crafted an evolution, or at least that’s what he called it. When bitten by his host creature, the mortal would turn into a beast and run with Pardu through the forest, just like he and his father had. As more of the mortal race became infected, the angrier immortal pantheon became with Pardu. When Al’Drenra broke out, Pardu tried to shelter his creations deep in the forest, but all of them were hunted by the other immortals and they disappeared from the world. From that point on, Pardu became enraged, and it is said the world itself began to swallow the mortals up and the vines would choke the life from their frail bodies.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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