Path of the Elements

Revering the original creators of the world, the followers of the Path of the Elements strive to please the current ruling pantheon of Valindir. Whether they dedicate their lives to simply one Element and join their church or worship all of them equally, anyone who acknowledges the Elements as the proper ruling body falls into this religion. Most of the world follows this path and it is widely accepted as the dominant force within the churches and the lifeblood of the lands.

While the Path of the Elements may be the prominent faith it is far from harmonious, as some of the churches have known to wage war upon one another in the name of their Element. Some of the most horrific battles in recent memory have been fought on behalf of these beliefs, and from time to time even the Elements themselves have battled with one another. These violent altercations, however terrifying, are normally brief and the world settles back into rhythm with the Elements providing the balance the world so desperately needs.

There are none in the realm, at least no sane person, which would refuse to acknowledge the presence of the Elements, as many have seen and even touched these beings. Some within this religion are fiercely dedicated, while others only worship in passing or offer prayer in time of need. Either way, the Path of the Elements has touched each corner of the realm with temples to the Elements erected in every area of the known world.

The Nine Elements:



Posted July 6, 2011 by Evoru

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