Path of the Enlightened

While few will say that the Elements and Gods do not exist, only the Path of the Enlightened have attempted to explain them both as natural phenomena, perfectly capable of being duplicated again. That is, in fact, their intention.

Formed by Nolan Le Deere centuries ago, the Path of the Enlightened has spread across much of Valindir. While they are not officially sanctioned in most cities, they are in vogue with certain members of the aristocracy and wealthy who are attracted to the concept of immortality, and who are happy to fund their work.

Preaching that the Elements are merely the result of the hopes and dreams of mortals made manifest, and that the Gods were ordinary beings who claimed power and rose to the lofty heights of immortality, the Path of the Enlightened has ruffled quite a few feathers among the clergy and the faithful. This is hardly a concern to the Enlightened, however, as they regard those who still cling to such “outdated” beliefs as superstitious, child-like, and ignorant. The Enlightened pride themselves on being a group of educated, scientific men and women, by comparison, and their accomplishments certainly attest to great minds…even genius.

They have been responsible for spectacular acts in Valindir, such as the creation of the Drakien race, the imprisonment of Metal in Golgaida, and the Tulpas (arguably their greatest accomplishment). These have ensured that, if the Path of the Enlightened are not loved, they are at least respected.


Posted July 5, 2011 by Evoru

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