Piqou, God of Mercy

As one of the last of Water’s children, Piqou was on his own early in his life. After the Element’s departure, he mingled among his brother and sister immortals, but found most of them cold and callous, simply obsessed with the idea of making a perfect creation as their parents had. When he looked down upon the mortals, he felt a swell of pity and sorrow in his soul, for many were suffering from hunger and poverty, even before Al’Drenra had started. The God of Mercy would often disguise himself as one of the people and give out anything that they might need, whether that was food and water, clothes, shelter or even teaching them skills so they could survive on their own. Piqou was happy and content this way, so never found the need to make a race of his own. When Al’Drenra broke out, he was devastated by what he saw around him, and decided that there was at least something he might do to help. He used all of his strength to cloak himself from the other immortals and began hiding groups of people with supplies in the most remote places of the world. He discovered that Topi and Swienya had been doing the same, and the three teamed up to preserve what they could.

When the Elements saw what Piqou had sacrificed and done to help preserve the innocent people, they decided that they could not set him, Swienya or Topi into the same slumber they were placing the other immortals. Instead, he was stripped of his powers as a god and placed into the first mortal that was born after Al’Drenra. He still walks the world in this way, living as any other mortal, as he wished, and still retains bits and pieces of his memories from past incarnations and even some of while he was still a god. A temple has sprouted up in his honor, and he is always invited to be there, but he mostly stays among people, helping them as he did so long ago. The church itself has followed in this practice and will often house the homeless and offer food to the hungry.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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