Player Killing

There is only one place in all of Valindir where a person is truly safe, and that place is the holy island of Isavra. There, death can never claim a Player, and any who are foolish enough to break the peace are cursed. All other places in Valindir hold some measure of danger, however, so all Players, no matter their experience or time spent playing the game, are expected to tread with caution.

Valindir can be a violent place, full of murders, wars, and assassinations, but there are some rules governing the killing of others Players that you would do well to memorize.

1. There must be an RP reason for any killing to take place. You may not always be aware of the reason, and you may not have seen it coming, but following a PK (Player Kill), an attempted PK, or the suspicion of one, you have the right to request Staff to verify that there is a valid RP reason for the kill. Because of the sensitive nature of PKs, Staff encourages Players to log such RPs whenever possible.

2. Players are not permitted to play serial killers. Killing other Players simply because your character “likes” to kill, doesn’t like Elves/blondes/men, or reacts with extremely disproportionate violence to the slightest provocation will not endear you to any members of Staff.

3. Following a PK or a PK attempt, parties who participated must stay on for at least 1 HOUR of real life time. If you were the victim or intended victim of a PK and you are unable to remain on the game, please check in with Staff so we can document your reason for logging out and excuses can be RPed as to your disappearance. If you are the person contemplating attempting to Player Kill a Player, please make sure you have ample time to remain in game for the required hour. Players who get involved in a PK and then mysteriously log off may log on later and find their intended victim has made a miraculous recovery, while they themselves were caught, tried, and executed in their absence.

4. If you die, your murder/s have the right to the entirety of your corpse. This is because resurrection is a randomized occurrence in Valindir, and you may never be able to live again as that character. Should you find yourself suddenly reborn and as naked as the day the gods made you, seek out a Temple and those inside should be able to supply you with a simple set of clothes. However, on the reverse end, no one is allowed to PK a player based solely on wanting their equipment. The staff would prefer you simply rob a person of the item you are eyeing than decapitate someone and abscond with all their possessions.


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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