Jointly referred to as Puan’Fwi, Puan and Fwi are actually two separate cities that lie on opposite sides of the expansive island of Hellios. Each serves as a capital for the Daphinae and acts jointly when offering up laws and other important political decisions. The segregation is due to their unique breeding ability. Puan houses all the males of the race, while Fwi is the city of the females. Long ago, shortly after Al’Drenra, the people lived together as one, but soon they began to overpopulate their cities and settlements. This is due to the fact that any time two come together in mating they will always conceive a child. It was decided that to maintain the balance with the world and not strip its resources with an overburdened population, the two genders would live apart, and come together only in times of strife or celebration. It has been that way ever since, and the Daphinae have found it to be an amicable solution.

While they may be miles apart, the cities themselves look remarkably similar. To keep out of the direct danger of the animals that lurk on the jungle floor, the Daphinae built their homes high within the canopy of the rainforest. However, while most other people built their cities out of lumber, clay and stone, the Daphinae forged a magic that allowed them to manipulate living branches. This unique talent allowed them to shape the trees in the manner suited to them without harming the plants; providing a perfect symbiosis between the two. The trees support the Daphinae and give them protection from the world around them, and the Daphinae tend to the trees, making sure they are supplied with all the water and nutrients they need to flourish.

The Daphinae also employ natural means to light their city, which has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, and has been hailed as one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. When night falls, and the sun sinks below the horizon, thousands of tiny, flickering lights can be seen darting out from the dense foliage that envelops the city. They are hundreds of thousands of fireflies that are coaxed to the city with offers of food and shelter from the almost constant rain. These glowing, flickering insects illuminate the city like a starry night, and make sure no flame is ever needed to guide people around the branches that serve as the streets for the city.

To keep order, one male leader is selected that governs over Puan, and one female leader is chosen to govern over Fwi. The two come together to discuss the current events, laws and other political topics throughout the year, and rule as one, even though they are separated throughout the year. Many falsely assumed that the two cities were governed by different laws, but they soon learned that many of their rules encompass both cities, and the Daphinae are a united people, despite the distance between them.

Most of the guild business is conducted in a small, shuttle city just on the Hellios side of the bridge that connects it to the mainland and the Crescent Road. A chapter of the Jade Courtesan House is nestled within this city, as well as rather large chapter of the Weavers Guild that specializes in furs and hides, and a petite area for the Merchants Guild to conduct their business. That small city is unofficially named Barbeila, and it an area where the two leaders meet to discuss current politics, laws and threats from the outside world. Because of this, most of the commerce between the two people is centered there, along with any trading that goes on with the outside world. While others may call it Barbeila, the government recognizes it both part of Puan and Fwi, so on Daphinae maps, it simply appears as the name “Puan’Fwi” leading many to speculate that was their capital for a long time.


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