Putting Your Character in Storage

If you are going to be unable to log into Valindir for a long period of time but don’t wish to give up your character, please ask a Staff member to have your account put into storage. This way you can be sure that your character won’t time delete and that their things will be kept safe.

If you feel that your character is involved in a lot of role play that would suffer if they were to suddenly disappear, you may ask a member of Staff to puppet your character in your absence or you may request that someone of your choosing be allowed to temporarily play your character. On most occasions Staff will prefer your character to simply “go on a trip”, but exceptions may be made if there is a great need.

Characters may not be put into storage simply because a Player wishes to “shelf” them temporarily while they play another character, then come back to them later. It is not only a single character, but an account that is placed in storage. All characters tied to said account will be stored so each will need an RP reason for being absent. Storage is primarily for people who will not be able to log on and play for an extended period of time, but don’t want to lose all the hard work they have put into the game. Often times when people move, know they will be without internet, or most commonly, are called up for military service is when a character is stored.


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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