Qualo, Goddess of Harmony, Creator of the Talmori

Qualo was born as the youngest daughter of Earth and was one of the last immortal children born into the realm. The Elements knew their time in Valindir was drawing short, and they would soon leave their precious children to lead their own lives without their meddling. Belimedra was concerned that the gods would not be able to live in peace with one another, so she bore the Goddess of Harmony into the world. Qualo never knew much of her mother, save for the sweet kiss she was given upon her cheek and a few weeks of guidance, but the goddess was never bitter about it. She strove to be a positive force in the world, and tried to bring harmony between immortals and mortals alike. As she struggled against the discord between her kin, she decided she would create her own people that could live in harmony with the world around them. The Talmori lived with Qualo and she taught them as well as she could. She and Cymedros stuck up a deep friendship with one another, and it was the Minotaurs that kept the Talmori from being wiped out completely. Qualo is said to be the reason there is the rift somewhere in the Sinwashi Mountains, and that she had tried desperately to open to a gateway to where her parents might be, but found it full of foul creatures and could not seal it back.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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