Radu the Blue Moon

Contemporary art and poetry almost always depicts Radu as a blue-skinned barbarian covered across the chest and arms in tribal tattoos, and in this form he is said to point the way to hidden treasures and shine his light on the tombs of the valiant fallen. Many a traveler and explorer keep an amulet of Radu, the Blue Moon, somewhere on their person, as it is said to grant luck and safe passage to all who wear it.

A few love songs portray Radu as the lover of Lura, the White Moon, and say that he pursues her across the night sky, she on her ivory elk and he on his blue elephant. Only once a month does she allow him to catch her, however, and on that night the two moons are dark and are said to be in the throws of passion somewhere just beyond view. Likely this is a poetic way of explaining the movements of the two moons across the night sky, as Radu always appears to be just behind Lura in the heavens.

For some reason, perhaps its pale blue color, Radu almost never appears during the day, while Lura is, on occasion, seen in the late afternoon sky. During the night, however, it glows especially bright, and may even overtake Lura in its brilliance.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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