Recreating a Character

Recreating a character is simply not allowed on Valindir. While we understand everyone gets attached to their absolute most favoritest character ever, once the character has been deleted they are gone forever and cannot be recreated.

When deleting a character, please remember this is a permanent decision and the Staff will not restore said character for any reason. If for whatever reason you grow bored with a character and wish to delete, you may do so at any time. Know that if you do, the Staff reserves the right to do with that character as they please, especially if they were a major player in storylines or very well known. Whether this is placing that character on the roster, puppetting them or slipping them into permanent death, the Staff reserves the right to choose the outcome. If you have a plan for the ending of your character, please discuss it with a member of Staff before you delete and let us know what you plan. From there we can either approve or deny the request if it requires our help, but please consider the act of deleting a character seriously and don’t delete on a whim.

If you have to be gone for an extended period of time, please inform a member of Staff. We all understand that sometimes life can get hectic and sudden things can pop of out nowhere. Inform a member of Staff if you wish us to hold your character and please RP a reason for their absence in the game. We will hold your character until you return and will restore the character just as you left them.


Posted March 12, 2012 by Evoru

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