Regvier, God of Pride

While he may have been one of the youngest members of the immortals to be formed, Regvier acted as if he had been created before the Elements. As one of the sons of Stone, he inherited his father’s stubborn will and decisive attitude. When their parents disappeared, the God of Pride tried to take their place, but the other gods and goddesses would have none of his orders, so he went about crafting a superior race. Most arguably the most powerful and most intelligent of the races, Regvier painstakingly formed the Dragons. He made each one an individual creation with their own sets of powers and talents, even making them all look different while still being of the same race. He felt he had come as close to perfection as any of his siblings ever could and showed them off to the rest of the pantheon. While some looked upon their forms with awe, others saw it as a challenge, and the Dragons were often attacked by other races during Al’Drenra. Regvier looked on and chuckled as wave after wave of mortals fell at the feet of his prized children. When the Elements returned, Regvier was appalled that his father had not shared his same sentiments and called him inferior to his own child. Because of his prideful attitude, Regvier led the charge against their own creators as he ignited more and more conflict among the other immortals.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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